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05 December 2016

How to Make Christmas Chocolate Bark

We made this at the weekend, and it's an absolutely brilliant way of doing some really easy, festive 'baking' (there's no baking involved really) with kids.

It's festive Christmas Chocolate Bark. Basically a mix of chocolate, melted, poured out and sprinkled with toppings of choice. And it's really rather good. I'd go as far as to say that Father Christmas might like a side of this with his mince pie.

The One Where We Made a Pet Bed

So, for the past week or so I have been really quite poorly with a chest infection. I don't know what is up with my immune system recently, but I seem to have everything going at the moment. So, when the weekend rolled around, I was feeling pretty relieved because I had my right-hand man back, in the form of Mark, for two whole days. And I hoped I'd be able to rest a bit.

30 November 2016

Christmas, Stripes & Thank Yous

This year is coming to a close, and part of me feels a sense of relief over that. It has been a very hard year. Tomorrow marks the start of the final month. And a year ago, I was just 20 weeks pregnant and desperate for 2016 to just hurry up and get here so I could meet my daughter.

23 November 2016

The Wild Outdoors + Vlog

We live in a quiet village, and I love it. When I was little it used to remind me of the village in Beauty and the Beast. And to be fair, it still does, if the village in Beauty in the Beast had a Costa.

21 November 2016

What it Feels Like to Pass a Syndrome on Your Child and Moving On From It

I have wanted to write so many posts about our experience having a Stickler, cleft palate, Pierre Robin, NICU baby. But every time I start I get this weird sensation come over me and I begin to get writer's block and I mentally dig my heels in and then I shut my MacBook and push it away from me.

14 November 2016

25 Signs That It's Nearly Christmas

1) Even though your Christmas tree was practically collapsing last year, under the weight of the hundreds of decorations you already own, suddenly you need LOTS MORE.  

2) Having a theme for your Christmas gift-wrapping is definitely a thing.

3) But the thought of writing Christmas cards feels like homework.