I Write About

There are a lot of things I write about to be honest. I write about the way I feel about the world, about motherhood, or simply just about life in general.

I share our family moments, big or small, and I try and bring them to life, especially because I worry that, one day, my memories might start to fade.

I write about things I am lusting after, things I have been enjoying, that perfect mascara, or that dress I can’t stop thinking about. I like to show that mums aren’t stuck in the ‘mum jean’ era, and that we do still know what is number one in the charts at the moment (actually, I don’t know the answer to that one, but I’m sure lots of mums do).

This is sort of like a living, breathing diary. You might find deep posts, happy posts, simple posts, sad posts, little lists, or projects, or videos that I’ve created along the way.

Either way, I hope you enjoy them all the same.

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