About Me

So, I’m Charlotte.

To sum me up quickly – I’m a 32 year-old mama of three who tries her best, really likes a glass of Prosecco and really bad 90’s pop music. I like to write, and take photographs, which I share here, and make videos for my YouTube channel.

The long story is that I have three amazing kids.

One smiling, happy, brilliant little boy, who made me happier than I ever thought was possible when he burst into my life. He was born on 12th June 2012. His name is Bill and he’s now eight years-old, at school and regularly surprising me with his in-depth knowledge of Pokémon and whatever else he’s into at the time! He’s a true gent and a lovely person to be around. How I ended up with an eight year-old is beyond me.

And then there’s my little Daisy. Who was born on 21st April 2016. She was born with the same syndrome I was born with – Stickler Syndrome – and spent six weeks in special care before she came home and has had some ups and downs. But do you know what? She is incredible. She is now four years-old and desperate to start school. She is such a passionate little person and couldn’t be more loving and my heart

And finally? Stan. He completed our family on the 12th March 2018 and his is definitely the baby of the family. He’s two years-old and the cuddliest, daftest little lad you could ever wish to meet. He’s the sort of kid who just has a way of charming you and I am loving seeing my last baby grow-up, as bittersweet as it is.

My family isn’t conventional. Bill has a different dad, but we aren’t together anymore. But my family was made complete when I fell in love with Mark. He is my best friend and while life wasn’t how I expected it to be – I’m proof that things don’t always go to plan. And really, I’m happy just how things are.

This blog follows the life of me and my family, a mixture of motherhood, home improvement, recipes destined to worsen cellulite and memories. And everything else in between, I guess!

If you want to read more about my professional background, then have a read of this page here.

As well as this blog, and my job, I have a YouTube channel of my own, where I share clips of our life (or things I’ve just bought). I am also part of Channel Mum. You should definitely give them a subscribe if you like to see real videos from real mamas.

As for me? I want to be that mum that proves you can bake your cake, clean up afterwards and share it with your babies too. I think I’m doing an alright job, but sometimes the washing up gets left until later. That’s life.

You can find me with my nose in a book, my head in the clouds, food in my mouth and my heart on my sleeve. Either that, or sucking my mum-tum in and scrutinising my reflection, singing and cooking up a storm in the kitchen or making my kids do belly laughs by being daft.

I’m not a perfect mum. I doubt you’ll come on here to be inspired much. But I love to write and it makes me happy. And I’d be quite pleased if you’d join me.