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I am now on my third (and final, sob!) baby, and if there is one thing I know about, in this parenting world, it’s prams and pushchairs. I have had the very good fortune, as part of my job, to test many, from a range of different brands. And I hope that helps you if you ever come across one of my reviews and want to know what they are really like to use.

This review is quite an exciting one, as the Bonavi 2-in-1 Pram & Pushchair is brand new to the UK market. So I have to admit it’s nice to be one of the first people to give one a spin, right here in my village.

So who are Bonavi?

They are a German-based company, and I am writing all of this next part down, because I have to say it’s really impressive to actually hear of a brand of thinks about things like – how on earth will the parents afford it? Is it made of decent materials? And is it super safe?

Yep, Bonavi have five main principles that they followed when it came to creating this (frankly beautiful) pram to pushchair combo.

  • High quality materials.
  • Highest safety standards.
  • Outstanding & intuitive functionality.
  • Great design.
  • And a fair price.

This all sounds great on paper, but what did I think of it?

What is included?

  • Chassis.
  • Bassinet in the colour of your choice.
  • Pushchair seat in the colour of your choice.
  • Raincover (which is decent).
  • Mosquito net (nice added extra even in the UK).
  • Cup holder (bonus mum points there from me!).

This is all for the cost of £749.00, which, given the extras, and the quality, sits it quite comfortably in the pram and pushchair market. It’s obviously not the cheapest out there, but it’s stylish, well-made, durable and has something extra I think that you don’t tend to see with more affordable models.

The perks

It’s beautiful

It’s absolutely okay to spend a big chunk of baby money on something and be fussy about how it looks. You have to push it around every day, so enjoying doing that is important. The aesthetics are a big part of that – at least for me anyway! I chose the shade Artic Grey, which is the newest shade, but you can also choose from Melange Grey, Navy Blue, Olive Green and Midnight Black. I love the colour offerings, but I would also love to see some brighter shades, perhaps maybe limited edition for the summer?

Other aesthetic perks are that it has that gorgeous armadillo-style hood, which I have really come to love, and an additional sun shade that you can pop on and remove, via very sturdy poppers. I love the tan leather accents throughout, the brush metal chassis, and the overall sleek and modern style. It’s a bit of me, I’ll say that!

Solid, swivel wheels

One of my pet hates, when it comes to prams, pushchairs and strollers, is air-filled wheels/tyres. I can’t stand them. I always feel like they soften very quickly and the thought of a puncture terrifies me. Plus, I generally find them more difficult to manoeuvre. The wheels to the Bonavi are exactly the opposite. I love that the front wheels are compact and really quite nippy, so you can very easily twist and turn around tight corners or busy shops. But the rear wheels are nice and sturdy, and, as you can see from these snaps, handle a country terrain, including slippery mud, really well.

A different kind of basket

While it could be bigger (but more on that in a moment), the basket has something that, I personally, haven’t seen before. It has a toggle closing and zip access, so your belongings stay safe and dry. Which I actually really liked. Especially if you were out and about in a busy environment – just adds an extra sense of security. The closing also hides any typical pram mess too! If you’re like me, your pram may frequently find itself home to several toys, muslins, spare wipes, snacks, nappies and all sorts, and this keeps it all tidy. I can also report that our large rucksack changing bag fit easily underneath too.

It grows with your child

The Bonavi 2-in-1 Pram & Pushchair is suitable from birth to six months, using the bassinet, and then up to four years when you change to the pushchair seat.

I have predominantly been using this with Stanley, my youngest, who is a rather sturdy and long five month old and is now in 6-9 month clothing! He has recently outgrown the bassinet, and prefers the support and view of the proper seat. And he really has loved it – he is very comfortable, and there is ample room for him to grow. His sister, Daisy, who is two years-old, also fits comfortable within the seat, and she has gotten a little jealous at times (as I currently use a double, while she gets more confident at walking).

To give credit where it’s due though, the bassinet is simply stunning, and it is extremely plush and comfortable and very soft to the touch. I’m a bit sad I didn’t get to use it properly, but it’s a gorgeous and comfortable little nest to take a newborn out in.

Extra safe

Bonavi meets the highest safety standards and has been tested and certified to all relevant European standards:

  1. Pram/Pushchair: EN1888: 2012
  2. Bassinet: EN1466: 2014 + AC: 2015

The testing and certification was carried out by the renowned German testing laboratory TÜV SÜD.

Plus, all textiles that are used are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified and have scored ‘Excellent’ at DERMATEST. With water-repellent materials and UV sun protection factor 50+, also offers gentle protection in all weathers too.

And they also offer a 3 year guarantee on the durability of the materials too! It may be small print, so to speak, but not something to ignore!

Easy to assemble and change

Now, don’t get me wrong, a beautiful and practical buggy is the stuff of dreams. HOWEVER, if you need an instruction manual as long as the Yellow Pages (used to be) then I am not a happy bunny. Especially if I’m heavily pregnant as well – which we all tend to be when we buy something like this!

I am happy to report that this was a basic: front wheels on, back wheels on, open chassis, stick seat of choice on, ta-da!

I didn’t actually even look at the instructions. Go me!

It’s also really easy to change the seats and also alternate from front to parent-facing. I am a big fan of extended parent-facing in a pushchair, because I absolutely love chatting away to my toddler even now. It’s a lovely way to spend a walk and share our little adventures together and talk about our day and what we can see.

Also, with the purchase of adapters, you can also use the chassis with your car seat as well.

Changes I’d make

I always think it’s good to be completely honest with these reviews. Making a choice like this is a massive one and I want you to make the decision that works for you, and I’m no help unless I’m honest about my experience. Though, don’t hold your breath – really nothing major at all!

The basket isn’t the largest

Now, I really do love that the basket has the zip enclosure. Now I have seen a basket like that, it makes me wonder if it should be a standard thing? But, and there has to be an honest but! I have three kids. And I am a big walker. I rarely drive, and so I need a pram with a decent basket that can hold changing bags, book bags, PE kits, coats, water bottles, toys, purse, bags for life, shopping etc. And I think I would struggle with a basket of this size, but then I’m probably an exception.

But, in all fairness, you can clip most changing bags to the handlebars and then use the space beneath for extras. And, what I have never actually seen before, is the addition of a shopping bag accessory for a pram. Yep – Bonavi have a separate XL Shopping Bag (£29.99) that you can fix onto the side of your pram, which is absolute genius as far as I’m concerned!

Handlebar adjustment

I think there are just some preferred ways of using things, and while the handlebars adjust, they move up and down from a button swivel point. Rather than extending or retracting, which I prefer, I really like to push and have the handlebar quite high, and this was fine, but I just had to get used to it. I just wonder if it pushes differently depending on whether you are shorter or taller.

My final verdict

Choose a pram/pushchair is a bit like choosing a car, really. You know what you want and what your personal needs are. And I would ALWAYS recommend going and testing out your shortlist before you commit to ‘the one’. The nice thing about the Bonavi is that you can use the 30-day risk-free testing service as well, so even if you do like what you see, you can at least be sure once you get home too.

If you are someone who gets out and about and wants something light, that can handle multiple terrains, but is still easy to lift up and fit onto public transport or into lifts, then this really is a good choice for you. I reckon you’d love it!

If you’d like to find out a bit more, or locate your nearest stockist, then make sure you visit for more details. Good luck!

Oh! AND if you would like 10% off your purchase, I am very pleased to say that I have a discount code for you! Just enter CHARLTAYLOR09 on the Bonavi website! Enjoy!

P.S. I will be doing a video on this pram very soon, so make sure you head on over to my YouTube channel and subscribe if you want to see more!

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    Amber Wilde
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    Oh! It’s gorgeous, Charlotte. As you know, I’m new to the singleton pushchair market but a veteran to the doubles, and I’ve been telling myself that I really need to sort out what single pram I want for this new addition. The Bonavi wasn’t on my list at all but it looks like it would tick a lot of our boxes – and I really like how affordable it is! Thank you for the recommendation.

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    celeb networth
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    The design is nice! Thank you for the review!

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