What’s in my hospital bag? What to pack?

So, I have finally finished both of my hospital bags! At 35 weeks pregnant with my third baby! I think that is pretty good going! You can see what I have packed in my baby’s hospital bag, or you can read on to see what I have packed in mine.

You may have found this post from my What’s in my Hospital Bag video over on YouTube, so hopefully this extra list is useful!

Just as a background, in terms of my birth, I’m hoping for a water birth this time around again. And to try and avoid pain relief again if I can, mainly because gas and air doesn’t agree with me (boy does it make me sick) and I’m hoping the water, and Hypnobirthing techniques will help, as it did with Daisy’s birth.

So what’s in my bag for baby number three? I’ve done a full list of items below, in categories, based on when I expect to use them. I’ve also included any links that might be useful. And then, if you want to see things in more detail, you can see it in the video! I hope it helps!


  • My maternity notes.
  • Birth plan if you have one.
  • Lace trim nursing bra – The Essential One – I gave birth to Daisy in this. And I find this is all you need for a water birth.
  • Emma Jane Maternity Bra – a spare in case I need it.
  • A cheap nightie from Primark – in case of a different birth.
  • Lip balm – in case of dry lips.
  • Hair tie.

Toiletries Bag

I am a huge advocate of packing things to make you feel good about yourself after your labour and birth. I think you deserve it. So I always pack these bits carefully, with my needs in mind, because I matter too!


  • Mini shampoo.
  • Mini conditioner.
  • Mini dry shampoo.
  • Travel Tangle Teezer.
  • Extra hair ties.


  • Mini shower gel.
  • Mini body butter.
  • Mini Hand cream.
  • Mini deodorant.
  • Perfume sample.
  • Body spray.


  • Mini toothpaste.
  • Mini mouthwash.
  • Toothbrush.


  • Simple Face Cleansing Wipes.
  • Other skincare items based on what your preference is – I have a mini cleanser, toner, moisturiser and serum.

I will also be packing a small bag of makeup – you can see the full details in my video – and this is just a personal preference and for if I feel I need it to feel more like ‘me’.

New Mum Essentials

These are all the must-haves in my opinion. Those extra things for your boobs and your bits that I wouldn’t be without!


Going Home

  • A pair of comfy leggings – sized up.
  • A long-line vest top.
  • My Selfish Mother sweatshirt.
  • Trainer socks.
  • Most likely my trusted Vans for my feet.


  • Snacks – I have some cereal bars and some Wine Gums.
  • Lucozade Sport.
  • Mini squeezy cordial.
  • Phone and charger – I have hypnobirthing tracks downloaded, and a contraction app.
  • My Canon G7X Mark II, spare battery and spare charger.
  • Small camera tripod.
  • Headphones – in case I want to listen to Hypnobirthing tracks.
  • Spare change for the car park.

Watch the video:


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