What’s in my baby’s hospital bag? What to pack?

Hi everyone! So the likelihood is that you have found this blog post from my YouTube video on what to pack in your baby’s hospital bag. If you haven’t already watched it, and you’d like to, it might be useful!

Watch the video:


But here, I have added a full list of everything I have included, plus any tips, so you can either print it off, or use it as a guide. I hope it helps and good luck to all of you expecting a baby in the coming weeks! I have five weeks left and I am honestly bubbling over with nerves and excitement!

Anyway – let’s get started! First things first, my changing bag of choice this time is the SkipHop Greenwich Backback (I find a backpack really easy with other children as you can wear it and be hands free). I love it so far, it’s got lots of room and ample pockets and compartments and I can’t wait to use it properly.

So, what to pack?

Nappy Changing Essentials

  • Nappies – I’m using the Asda Little Angels Newborn Nappies and I am taking a small pack of 24, which I think will be ample! I’m a massive Asda nappy fan and always have been. Though I also use the Aldi Mamia nappies, and Pampers nappies too. It just depends on where I shop and convenience! The general rule is to take around 10 nappies per day, but I’m hoping I’ll be discharged after a day should baby boy be okay.
  • Water Wipes – they are 99.9% water, and 0.1% fruit extract, so perfectly safe for newborn bottoms. I find these easier to use than cotton wool balls and water and loved using them with Daisy.
  • Bepanthen – just in case really. I will be keeping it in that changing bag, once he’s home, and I think part of me just takes it by default!
  • Nappy bags – I have cheap Boots ones!

Clothing & Muslins

Extra tip – I have packed all of my outfits into resealable sandwich bags, that can be labelled with a marker pen. This not only keeps them organised and easy to grab, but they are kept nice and clean too!

  • Three vests – I have a variety of vest from places like F&F at Tesco, Primark and M&S. I have chosen to take the size Up to 1 Month (usually up to around 10lbs).
  • Three sleep suits – one from a set from John Lewis (sadly sold out!), one from this set from Next, and this Born in 2018 sleepsuit from M&S. Again, in the size Up to 1 Month (usually up to around 10lbs).
  • Three cotton hats.
  • Personalised name vest. I got this to share his name with everyone. I had it personalised to say: “Hello world, I’m….” I bought this one here.
  • Muslin cloths – I’m packing two from Primark, that I find very affordable and they are soft and wash well too!
  • Swaddle blanket – I’m packing this Star Swaddle from Little Unicorn.
  • Cellular blanket from Mama Designs.
  • John Lewis Star Pram Blanket.
  • Jellycat Lion.
  • Dummy – I don’t plan on using one, but it was a just-in-case item I decided to pack!

Extra tip – If this is your first baby, it might be useful to take a range of sizes with you. I’d start with newborn, and maybe add an Up to 1 Month, just in case! I know I have larger babies, so that’s why I’ve chosen the size that I have! 

Going Home

Extras to Think About

Feeding – I am hoping to, ideally, breastfeed, but if my little boy is born with the same syndrome that Daisy and I have, then he’s likely to be tube-fed in NICU, where milk is supplied.

If you are hoping to breastfeed, then my hospital bag video will be useful, so look out for that! But if bottle feeding, take your bottles of choice, and a couple of ready-made bottles of formula as they are so much easier to use in hospital!

And that’s it! I hope that helps!

And don’t forget, if you haven’t watched the video yet, you can find it here! Don’t forget to subscribe!

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