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Our Thoughts on the Motorola Smart Nursery Range

Recently, I was asked if I’d like to test and review a selection of the new Motorola Smart Nursery range. If you’ve stumbled across this review, and you’re new, I have a little girl, called Daisy, who is now 15 months old, and she also has an older brother, Bill, who is five. When it comes to sleeping and safety, we can trust Bill, however, his sister is at that age where we can often be up and down, to check on her, especially when she’s teething.

A bit of background too – Daisy was also born with a syndrome that meant that, when she came home from NICU, aged six weeks and one day old, we couldn’t get any rest at night without things like monitors. She was in with us for a while, but when we moved her into her own room, we actually had two monitors to keep an eye on her. Why? Well, she used to have a sats monitor from hospital that told us that she was breathing okay, and without that, I needed extra security. We had a video monitor – incidentally a Motorola one (we like the brand a lot), and also a mattress sensor monitor too.

Now she’s 15 months-old, I’m a little less panicky over how safe she is at night. She’s healthy, absolutely fine, and developing exactly as she should be. But, I’m also a bit of a tech fan, and I will never turn down an opportunity to try out some new gadgets.

We were sent to review:

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    26th July 2017 at 8:35 am

    Don’t forget to consider InfoSec (information security) when reviewing and considering these types of product. Smart monitors, smart toys, smart energy meters etc. The way you use to access your home, child’s room or monitor activity, can often be used by others. Check out smart products from this point of view as well.

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    17th November 2017 at 12:00 am

    The smart nursery camera and tablet is discontinued now 🙁

    There was a flash sale for £150 and my order got cancelled due to no stock. Everywhere is now out. I emailed Motorola who confirmed it is discontinued yet weirdly they have kept the website up advertising it!

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    22nd November 2017 at 9:23 am

    I’m not surprised they discontinued the camera / tablet – the camera is very good quality but the wifi reception was poor so regularly dropped out and the tablet is plain awful – the tablet itself probably cost around £10 to make and it shows – performance is horrific and again, wifi reception is very bad (I have solid wifi coverage across the house). The software they put together for the tablet was realistically of beta quality at best – had so many bugs and just wasn’t well thought out, for example if you had two cameras, you couldn’t get it to alternate between them, you could only switch manually. It was a shame as it was an excellent concept but clearly not properly developed and rushed to market with a crazy markup on it!

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    Things to do
    14th October 2021 at 3:46 pm

    This is cool! Thank you for the review!

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