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Our Home Plans for 2017

I have to admit, part of me feels slightly pained by the fact that I’m having to write a post about finishing off our home this year. We had big plans for everything to be completed in 2016, but obviously last year didn’t go to plan, and we decided to put family first instead.

We still have to do quite a few things; including our hallway, stairs and landing (the worst part of our house), a few touch-ups, our garden, and our kitchen.

Now, the kitchen is the biggest bone of contention for me, because it’s so very nearly finished. I started to paint our kitchen cabinets late last Summer, when Daisy was very tiny. I was struggling more than I realised at the time, and I managed to sand, prime and paint two doors and then I gave up. So now, we have a kitchen with one set of white doors, and the rest are wood effect.

For us, it’s just become normal. Like: “Oh, there’s another one of Mama’s ‘projects’.” But I am a bit embarrassed. I was going to see how much a professional would cost the other day, but part of me feels like I should do it on my own. And make myself proud.

We also need to paint the ceiling too – in all honesty, it actually needs re-plastering, but that feels like such a huge piece of work and the potential for so much mess that I can’t even content with it right now.
We are also in this weird sort of limbo stage with our house, because, for so long, it has always been my idea of our forever home. But with the hopes of a third child one day, we keep finding ourselves asking – where do we put the third if we have one? We could definitely create a shared bedroom, but I do worry about space sometimes. And whether moving is the best suggestion? Or perhaps going for extension round two.

One thing we are considering is, in time, knocking down or old conservatory and replacing it with something a bit more secure. There’s a place in our village, called Crystal Living, and they have a lovely showroom and some pretty incredible work done locally. They have kitchen extensions available, but in the form of an orangery, which is sort of a halfway house between a traditional ground floor extension and a conservatory. They let lots of light in and look perfect for what we’d like. But then, we also need to consider whether we’d like that extension to be a two story extension, and if that’s even possible for our budget. A Crystal Living kitchen orangery may just be the more affordable option right now.

One thing we have done, is that we’ve gotten a gardener! I thought this was something very wealthy people did, but my neighbour and one of my best friends recommended a lovely old gent to us. And he has completely renovated our overgrown garden. It fell into such a state when Daisy was poorly, and now it is finally showing glimpses of what it used to look like. We just need the sunshine to stick around so the flowers will start to bloom.

It’s nice to have a safe haven in the early evenings and weekends, when the sun’s out, just to relax and enjoy each other. And I can’t wait for the warmer days to join us finally.

But, for now, I guess I need to start sanding some kitchen cupboards and get working…

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