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The Weekend Post #40

Gosh it has been so long since I have done one of these weekend posts. I remember doing them religiously for months. Every week you could expect a new post full of photographs, and a video too. And now, after months of trying to get back to square one, or maybe even a whole new square altogether, I want to try and do as many of these as I can.

With parenthood, it really is true when they say that the days are long, but the years are short. I find myself flicking through past posts and videos of my own and the chubby curve of Bill’s cheeks from even just a few months ago has reminded me that a lot has changed and he is growing fast.

His outfit here is all Next (as is his bedding too actually) – I bought him and Daisy some new bits recently because they have both moved up a size (which I am discovering is an expensive habit for them both to do at the same time). I will be popping up a haul on my YouTube channel next week, so if you’d like to see what I’ve got, be sure to pop over and subscribe.

This past weekend was nothing special, as is often the case. We don’t tend to adventure that far away from home at the weekend. We just sort of mooch around our village, or potter around the house. We go out, don’t get me wrong, but I am very much a home girl, and we all appreciate those days where it is just us four. We don’t need much else.

We did, however, go to Toys R Us this weekend, because Bill and Daisy both had Christmas money to spend and we wanted them to choose whatever they liked. It was fun showing Daisy toys and seeing which one she grinned at the most. Though it was less fun trying to unbox it all when we got home, with two children who wanted theirs doing first.

While we usually eat as a family most days, Saturday night is always about Mark and I and eating something more adult and more spicy. It makes us happy to treat it as some sort of a date, because we don’t tend to have much of those anymore. We had huge mounds of chilli, with rice, salad and these little potato rounds that I cooked until crisp in the oven.


And then, it was just a lazy Sunday for the most part. My favourite kind. Eating comfort food and padding from room to room, playing games and listening to the murmur of Sunday telly in the background.

We have a few exciting adventures planned for this year, so hopefully some of these posts will be more lively, but I hope you enjoy the quieter ones all the same.

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