The One Where We Made a Pet Bed

So, for the past week or so I have been really quite poorly with a chest infection. I don’t know what is up with my immune system recently, but I seem to have everything going at the moment. So, when the weekend rolled around, I was feeling pretty relieved because I had my right-hand man back, in the form of Mark, for two whole days. And I hoped I’d be able to rest a bit.

But the thing is with littles, is that they don’t really like to do ‘rest’. Especially at Bill’s age – since he started school in September, he is used to having someone to play with all the time, so now we find ourselves having to step in much more than normal. 

Energizer® has teamed up with Secret Life of Pets (which, as an animal lover, you can imagine Bill absolutely loves). And they sent us a big pack of goodies, with one request in mind – that we get crafty and make a creative pet bed for Bill’s new friend, Max. 
And this is, admittedly, sometimes the sort of stuff I dread. I had ideas of paint everywhere, glitter in my hair, and stickers on my face. But we all sat around in the living room, on Saturday morning, still in our pyjamas, and Mark and I nursing a warm brew, and we made a brilliant pet bed as a family.

Bill chose a Zoo theme, so we fashioned a big cardboard box into a cage, and made a sign from animal print fabric. And we stuck gems everywhere, made some fuzzy snakes with googly eyes. All of his stuffed animals lay on a bed of feathers, and bubble wrap (it’s so comfy apparently!) and he took so much care over placing each and every animal sticker in the right place. We had a lot of fun doing it, which really surprised me. 
We’ve had such an up and down year that I have honestly forgotten the last time I properly sat and focused on family, without other things troubling my mind. 

I thought this would be a great idea with all of those leftover Christmas boxes too – you know the saying that you buy your children presents and all they want is the box! At least you can have some fun making them into pirate ships, racing cars, castles and spaceships too.

Plus, Bill is absolutely thrilled with his new Max plush toy. He’s now permitted into bed with him at night, along with his faithful old Teddy, which is saying something!

The Energizer® team were so lovely that they sent us that much craft stuff that we have plenty left for more adventures to come. And, if you pick up a special promo pack from major participating retailers you could be in with a chance to win a plush toy.

And let’s face it – it’s only a couple of weeks until Christmas and one thing all parents have to remember is:


*PR Collaboration. Thanks Energizer® for our goodies. 

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