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Graco Nimble Nook – Best Travel Cot?

As I mentioned in my review of the Graco Modes 3 Trio Lite Travel System, we have recently been sent a few of Graco’s latest releases to try. The next one I’m sharing today is the Graco Nimble Nook, which is a travel cot.

Now, I think, when you are expecting, most of us don’t really consider a travel cot. It’s one of those things that you realise you need later down the line, and then end up panicking over as you don’t know which one to buy or which one would be the most suitable.

A lot of the time, most travel cost we have used seem to drown a newborn. They seem really big and, if your little one is used to sleeping in a Moses basket, or a crib, they can struggle to settle. Which is probably one of the best points of the Nimble Nook. But more on that in a second!



Before I get into the general perks of the Nimble Nook, I think a really important part of products like this is the storage and assembly. There’s no denying that this is not an everyday kind of product. It’s something you get out and use as you need it. And a lot of the time, travel is involved.

I’ve snapped a photograph above, which shows the general size of the Nimble Nook when dismantled and placed inside its storage bag. Daisy is an average sized eight month-old (well, as of the 21st of tis month – time has gone so fast!) and you can see that it’s really quite compact in comparison. You could fit this under a bed, or in the bottom of a wardrobe if space is tight, or in the loft or a garage, if you’d prefer. The storage bag protects it from damp and dust, and also means that everything is safely kept together.

What I also love is that you can see how to assemble the travel cot on the side, so even if instructions did go missing (which always happens eventually), you will always know what to do.

I actually find setting-up travel cots a nightmare usually. There are some that pop-up and unfold, much like a tent, but storage-wise they are quote bulky, and usually larger when assembled too. The Nimble Nook is really quite simple to set-up, and while there are a few steps involved, it doesn’t take too long at all. And I did it alone, just fine.

The same with dismantling – it was quite easy to do, and the best part was that everything folded back and easily went in the storage bag again. I sometimes find that a lot of products never fit bag in the bag properly, unless you spend a lot of time folding it all perfectly and shoehorning it in. This was a big bonus for me, because I could just take it all down, fold it up, and stick it back in.

Bassinet Mode

Now, as I mentioned earlier, one let-down to many travel cots is their size in relation to your baby. Some babies find the transition from a small Moses basket, co-sleeper, or crib a nightmare. It all just feels too big and they don’t feel as snug and secure.

But the Nimble Nook actually has two modes – a bassinet, or a regular travel cot.

And the nice thing about this is that the parts of the Nimble Nook are multi-use, so there aren’t lots of extras to carry around with you. The mattress fits both modes, as an example.


The bassinet mode is suitable for use up to 9kg, which is just over 19lbs. But I would say that you shouldn’t have a baby in this mode if they can pull themselves into a sitting position, for safety reasons, as they could easily topple out, due to the bassinet’s height. On that note however, the height is great for scooping out a smaller baby, without damaging your back, which is great if you have recently given birth.

Daisy would last a little bit longer in the bassinet mode, but she is quite long and almost fills it out completely. She also now sleeps in her cot, so she would be fine in the normal travel cot mode, but the option of having both is brilliant. Especially as we’d like a third one day, and we could use this from birth next time around.


One lovely added extra is the little toy bar, which includes two gorgeous, stuffed, grey stars for baby to play with or watch as they drift off to sleep. The toy bar is sturdy enough to add a couple of other toys on too, so long as they have a little ring attachment. I love this addition as it makes it feel much more homely for baby – travel cots can sometimes seem quite stark and cold – and Daisy absolutely loved trying to reach for them.

Travel Cot Mode


Now, fortunately for us, about 90% of my family live in the very same village that I do, so I rarely need to pack up the kiddos to visit them, and I rarely need a travel cot for its primary purpose – to travel with.

But, Mark’s family live about an hour away in Preston, and while we can visit in a day, there and back, there are times that we stay over, and there aren’t any spare beds for the kiddos, so travel cots are really necessary! We are actually heading there on Boxing Day and staying over, and we didn’t have an extra travel cot for Daisy (Bill still fits in our old one thankfully) so I was so chuffed to have this to bring along with us.


In the meantime however, it’s working out as a great play pen. Daisy is not yet crawling, but she prefers to roll around and drag herself like a very pretty slug. Any parent knows that you need eyes in the back of your head once they are mobile, and I also work from home, so sometimes, in the interest of safety and productivity, a play pen like this is a brilliant idea.

One thing I really like about the Nimble Nook is that the mesh sides are not too thick or obscuring. So I can see Daisy very easily, and she can see me, which means she is quite happy to play in there while I do a few chores, or quickly reply to an email or two. Another brilliant thing about the Nimble Nook is that it is narrow enough to fit through doorways when assembled, so moving from room to room is so helpful. I really do love this part as I rarely stay in one part of the house all day.


Another perk of letting Daisy play in the Nimble Nook is that she is getting used to being in there, which will be good for our Boxing Day celebrations. And she is well supported, so if she should topple from sitting she is cushioned and has four mesh sides for support.

I love how versatile the Nimble Nook is – more than just somewhere to sleep, but something incredibly practical too.


It was that enjoyed, that Daisy’s big brother had to join her too – and the travel cot mode is fine for weights up to 15kg, so there were no issues there! They spent a good hour just playing together and we enjoyed the peace and a brew. Thanks Graco.

Additional Perks

To quickly list them, my favourite parts about the Graco Nimble Nook are:


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Compact for storage.
  • Bassinet feature.
  • Fits through doorways even when assembled.
  • Breathable mesh and easy to see baby.
  • Practical for play.
  • Additional toy bar.
  • Vibrating feature.
What was that? Vibrating feature? Yes, one thing I have yet to mention is the fact that the Graco Nimble Nook has a two-speed vibration unit built-in, which means it actually helps to soon your baby to sleep. I wish that cots came with this in all honesty, as it’s such a brilliant idea. I can’t say for certain that it works yet, as we’ve not needed to use the Nimble Nook overnight, but I will pop back and update this post after Boxing Day and let you know how Daisy got on in terms of sleep.


Any downsides?

The only thing I find with most travel cots is that the mattress never screams ‘comfiest place to sleep’, but then it is a portable and temporary place to sleep, and I don’t think it would cause any issues or discomfort to your baby. It’s just perhaps not as cosy or comfortable as a cot mattress, but that’s to be expected. I always wonder if the next step would be some sort of rollable memory foam? But then I’m not a product inventor!


Would I recommend?

The short answer would be yes!

The Graco Nimble Nook retails at £109.99, which is not the cheapest you can buy, but given the features it’s great value, I’ve seen some for £200.00 that don’t include the features that the Nimble Nook does. It is currently on offer at Mothercare, with £20 off, so it’s worth snapping up in the sale I think!

I think travel cots very much depend on your needs as a family. If you travel a lot then this is compact, has some extra perks that your baby will love, and it means you can ensure that your baby is sleeping somewhere clean and safe. Which I think beats using the travel cots that you can use or rent on holiday – as sometimes they can be very basic or even damaged.

I think it’s perfect for visiting family with, and doubles up as a way to keep baby safe too. For example, all of our families have dogs, so it would be handy to pop Daisy in when visiting, if she wanted to play and the dogs were hyperactive.

I love the design – I’m really into grey at the moment, and I love that the fabric is wipe-clean too.

Overall, if you’re in the market for a travel cot, I’d really suggest the Nimble Nook, definitely worth giving a go as you can keep baby happy from birth onwards, and you can’t argue with that!

*PR Collaboration – all thoughts are, however, my own.


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    Emma Lofthouse-Burch
    18th December 2016 at 7:43 pm

    This looks fab, I kove that it has the two modes, that would be really useful x

  • Reply
    Molly Forbes
    19th December 2016 at 10:06 pm

    I love a travel cot that's easy to put up – and kudos to Graco for the cute additions of the little mobile! Gorgeous photos Charl. xx

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