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We live in a quiet village, and I love it. When I was little it used to remind me of the village in Beauty and the Beast. And to be fair, it still does, if the village in Beauty in the Beast had a Costa.

I love it regardless (especially because I do a enjoy a Gingerbread Latte like the next person), because of where it is. As a child I would play out for hours on end, rambling around in the fields near our house, playing at ‘The Brook’, and swinging on a rope swing. I’d walk our dogs with my little brother. We’d even go as far as Lyme Park. And we were just kids, and so we didn’t appreciate it all at the time, but I remember moving to a city when I went to university and I didn’t feel the same. And it was then that I realised that, while I love the bustle of city life, and the different cultures that exists wherever you turn, I am, and forever will be, a village girl. I am not great in crowds, I am rubbish at crossing busy roads, and I don’t know how to navigate trains half the time, let alone anything more complex than that.

When I found this house, I knew it was going to be another doer-upper, and I gulped as I walked around and made a mental checklist of the things that I’d need to do before it was anything near to feeling like ‘home’. But what I loved the most about it was the stream running through the garden, and the paths you could walk around the village pool, which is just at the end of our road. In the other direction is a park. And so, within five minutes of leaving our house, we can find an adventure waiting. Of course, that is the case wherever you go, but these are the sort of muddy-knee adventures I always imagined my children would have. Involving ducks and conkers, or picnics and looking at the shapes the clouds make in the sky.

The thing is, as it gets colder, I tend to switch into hibernation mode. I encourage puzzles, and board games, and we make hot cocoa with cream and marshmallows (only the mini ones will do in Bill’s case). We watch movies, old and new, and we stay tucked away. And that’s all well and good. Especially at this time of year – it’s what Autumn and Winter are made for.

But Bill received a parcel in the post recently and it was from Vertbaudet – a brand my kids have both worn from birth. I absolutely love them and still have the sleepsuits Bill wore when he was a newborn. They had set Bill a mission – to get outdoors and find the magic of Autumn.

We were sent a mission list:

  1. Collect colourful leaves
  2. Feed the ducks
  3. Play hide and seek
  4. Hunt for bugs 
  5. Climb a tree 
  6. Roll down a big hill 

Vertbaudet have a new range of hard-wearing kids clothes that last – the Indestructibles range. When children are always on the hunt for adventure, their wardrobe can sometimes look tatty from trying to keep up with the rough and tumble of playtime. Vertbaudet’s Indestructibles collection has been designed specifically to withstand weekends of exploration with reinforced knees and ankles, and made using hard-wearing fabrics.

You can save your own version of the mission list over on the Vertbaudet Facebook page, and do it with your littles too. Bill loved ticking it off as we went.

He was as giddy as a kipper and we actually vlogged our whole adventure, which you can see just below (I’d love it if you subscribed while you were there!).

The reason why I’m writing this post is that it was just the kick-up-the-bum we needed to get out and about. We haven’t done this for a while. Just walked around and had fun with no purpose other than to explore. No iPads or telly. No toys. Just our family. Plus – it didn’t cost us anything. And when soft play and lunch can set us back almost £50 sometimes, it was amazing to do something like this and get some fresh air in our lungs.
I sometimes worry that, in our children’s generation, they are so much more immersed in technology and all the positives it brings. But there are some negatives too. And I want to try and help them to create memories away from a screen, whatever the reason, whatever the season.
And it’s probably one of very few challenges that brands have set us that have been far more than a thing to complete. But it was actually a source of some brilliant memories, and I’m really glad we did it. 
Thanks Vertbaudet. You wonderful bunch. 
I would love to know if you and your littles put Mission Indestructible to the test! Let me know if you do! 

*PR Collaboration.

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