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The Weekend Post #39

These posts are always such a labour of love as I seem to rope myself into creating a post and a video of our weekends, neither of which are easy to create and edit. But then I do them and I get a case of the warm fuzzies – like I’ve had a glass of port or something and it warms my heart and tickles my throat a little bit.
Oh what am I saying – do you know what I mean? It’s 11:30pm and I am very tired, but I am desperately trying to catch-up with everything I need to do while my family sleeps, because no one needs me when they are sleeping soundly. For now at least.

This past weekend was a delight as they always seem to be these days. Don’t get me wrong – I still feel like we are working out our way as a family of four sometimes, even almost six months into it. We seem to test out new roles, and new routines, new plans, and make opportunities for ourselves. We woke on Saturday and we had sort of nailed it to be honest. We were waltzing around the kitchen and it smelt of bacon and coffee and Mark wrapped his arms around my waist and Bill was making Daisy laugh in her high chair. And then I thought: “Yes, I shall ruin this by taking two children to IKEA on a Saturday. That’s the ticket!”

And, actually, to be fair. It wasn’t so bad at all. It was hectic and we were coerced into buying a stuffed camel for Bill and a stuffed pig for Daisy. And the one thing we went for turned into about 50 things and some cactus glasses, because – Instagram. But I did get incredibly excited at their Christmas display in the warehouse part and I felt such a huge rush of excitement.
This year we will have a Christmas and there will be four of us. And I still can’t quite believe that. I will get to wake to a chattering baby, who will cling to me like a tiny furry koala as I fetch her from her cot. Smelling like babies always do – powdery, warm and a bit like nappy. And we’ll wait for her big brother to come home from his dad’s and we’ll celebrate and wear daft jumpers and I just feel so excited because I am looking forward to things so much now. After spending months being frightened of tomorrow, or worried about what is around the corner, we have a few months now of just living life before Daisy has surgery.
But as I seem to have found myself off on another tangent, isn’t the view from the top of Ashton’s IKEA beautiful?

After IKEA, Mark dropped Bill and I off at the shops and I took the time to just enjoy my little boy. It’s weird when you have two children. Everything and then nothing changes all at the same time. I have missed our relationship one-on-one at times. And I feel like we needed some time, just us two, to reconnect.

We managed to go to the shops relatively quickly, but spent a good 15 minutes messing about in our garden, which we cut through to get home as there’s a secret passageway that knocks ten minutes off our walk. We looked in the stream that runs through our garden and Bill thought he could see sea worms, tadpoles and hermit crabs. I daren’t tell him that the last one in particular was incredibly unlikely.

But it was fun to just stop and enjoy him in that moment. He’s really growing up now. He’s never stopped growing and I know that, but you don’t realise that when they start school they do transform and have their butterfly moment and you very much miss the days with your little caterpillar.



We didn’t do much else that Saturday. We got home to a very smiley little girl – she does love her big brother. And we just juggled getting two kids fed and in bed, so we could enjoy our gammon joint (so good) and watch a sort of film documentary that we found on Netflix.

We’ve been relishing the evenings just us two now. Daisy sleeps in her own room and we have put the days of monitors, suction and feeding tubes behind us. We were always on edge when she slept in the living room with us and never fully relaxed. And I do think the six month mark is where you start finding your balance again. We’ve been taking more, snuggling up on the sofa together, and cooking each other meals and it’s made us much happier.

I was the one to wake early with the kiddos on Sunday. Daisy likes to get up at 5:45 most days, which I don’t mind too much as she sleeps through most of the time. It was still dark when we three tumbled down the stairs, and it really felt like Autumn hadn’t just arrived, but it had made itself at home. I remember having cold feet and thinking I must get some slippers (which reminds me – I’m going to look for some now in a new tab).
I picked myself up a cafetière from IKEA, as my trusty stovetop coffee pot is brilliant but sometimes too slow for my caffeine needs. Plus – I only have a one-cup wonder. And sometimes you need two, do you know what I mean?



I actually really like Sunday mornings. Provided Mark and I didn’t destroy the kitchen the night before, there’s nothing much to do but watch my babies play and drink coffee. I try and read a magazine or a book sometimes, in between cuddles and games of Hungry Hippos, but sometimes I like to just watch everything as it happens.



The weather was so indecisive that day. We woke up to darkness and then wind and rain and just after lunch the sun came out and it was almost too hot in my woolly jumper. My parents came round and we went to the park, while Mark did a shop trip. And I suppose the rest of this post is just shots that I really wanted to capture of my family.

My dad always misses his grandchildren. He’s often at work and doesn’t see them as much as my mum does. She is Granny and he is Po. It stems from Grandpopo, which ended up shortened to Po. I don’t know how or why (which is usually the case with our family), but I did manage to convince Bill on Monday morning that Po actually went to work every day because he was actually Po from the Teletubbies and that was hilarious so, yes – Po!

His face when he spotted me.

I love this – the two women either side of me. One with twinkly eyes and one with a serious drooling ability.

Both of my children are incredibly social things. They absolutely crave interaction and neither seem to want to spend much time alone. Daisy doesn’t seem to care who she is with so long as she has their undivided.

“Seriously guys, get a room. Mama? Help!”

Ah Daisy. You will hate me when you see this photograph when you’re older. I happen to like your 80 chins though.

Do you have someone in your family who buys the craziest presents for your children? Yes. Mine is Granny and Po. I expected it might be my brother – Uncle Jamie – but my parents have the ability to buy the noisiest or biggest presents they can find. The Toby Wagon is one of them and it lives in the garage because of its sheer size, but the thing is with these presents is that Bill always seems to adore them. I can’t wait for Christmas’s instalment.

This did make a really comfort and photo opportunistic place for them both to sit though as the afternoon sun hit their little forms, just right.


She has discovered blowing raspberries now and it is pretty much how she spends 70% of her day.

Her hair is coming in now and I love running my hand across her little fluffy head.




I can’t think of anything much else to say, apart from these are my babies and I love them. They drive me mad, one scratches me and the other one has started answering back.

But I love them all the same.

Watch the vlog:


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    Jenny Cole
    24th October 2016 at 6:44 pm

    Ah so many beautiful photos in this post 🙂 I totally know what you mean by posts being a labour of love. I have a regular post on my blog, and sometimes I really hate the pressure I put on myself to write it each week. But I love to look back on it with fondness, so I keep doing it 🙂 It looks like you all had a lovely family weekend 🙂

    Jenny xx

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