“Jump Around” #JumpForPudsey

It’s almost half-term. And I can’t quite believe that time has flown so quickly in that sense, because it feels like just last week that Bill started school. And that makes me laugh because that’s a phrase we always say as parents isn’t it?

Mark and I have been planning our half-term for Bill like eager little beavers this past week. And we are trying so hard, and Mark has booked the time off work, because childhood is special isn’t it? And parents try, as best as they can, to make it magical. However that is. You don’t need lots of money. Or lots of toys. Family, love and memories have a lot to do with it.
But for some children, they need a little help to make their childhood one that they can enjoy.

Which is why I am actually really pleased and proud to be writing this post in aid of Children in Need this year.

Because Children in Need have a vision – to make sure every child in the UK has a childhood that is safe, happy and secure and allows them to reach their full potential. They provide grants to projects all over the UK, that help children and young people who are disadvantaged.

And this year, Boots are teaming up with Children in Need with their #JumpForPudsey campaign. And, an extra bonus is that you have another thing to do with the kiddos this half term.

So what is #JumpForPudsey?

This half term, Boots is launching #JumpForPudsey to encourage people to get active, have some fun and help raise money for BBC Children in Need. Whether it’s leaps, launches, bounds or hops; the goal is for the UK to spring its way to one million jumps, turning jumps in to pounds.

Boots is calling on people to get jumping with friends or family, at work or at home next week and in particular on Jump Day on the 26th of October.

All you need to do to get involved is start jumping! We’ve been jumping on the bed (even our bed which isn’t usually allowed) and Daisy has been giving it a good old go on my knee (my arms are so tired from supporting her – she’s at that age where it’s all she wants to do!), and she’s had a go in the Jumperoo too! I’ve been trying to teach Bill how to skip, and he’s just about mastered hopping.

To make it more of a challenge, British Gymnastics has created a series of Pudsey Jumps exclusively for the campaign that we’ve been doing at home. Bill loves it because we’ve been competing for the best jump, and we’ve even been doing them on the way home from school. These Pudsey Jumps can be found on the Boots #JumpForPudsey page, or, if you’d like, you could pick up the Jump Journal – available free from most Boots UK stores.

Once you’ve done your jumps just log on to Boots’ online jump totaliser at to log your jumps and donate, and help them reach 1 million jumps! Boots UK are also organising in-store events up and down the country to get people jumping on Jump Day on 26th October.

You can share your leaps with #JumpForPudsey on social media, and make a donation of £3 by texting JUMP to 70313, or via

I know that many charitable events happen all the time, and it can be hard to know who and what to support, especially when you can’t afford to give towards everyone. But I’m backing Children in Need, as I do every year, because I really do believe that every child deserves to have the chance at a magical childhood and a hopeful future.

My children are very lucky to be growing up with everything they need, without any lasting troubles, but it’s not always the case for every child, for so many different reasons.

If I know that getting involved in something like this could bring a smile to another child’s face, in the way that I do with my own, then it’ll be a jump in the right direction. And yes, that was a pun, but it’ll be the first jump of many that I will be doing this half term.

I hope to see you getting involved too – make sure you use the hashtag #JumpForPudsey and remember it’s just £3 to donate by texting JUMP to 70313 and that’s less than a glass of wine where I live. But my goodness, does it make a difference.

Just look at what you could make happen:

  • 100 jumps – means a young girl who has been bullied make friends at a local youth club.
  • 200 jumps – means an 11-year-old boy with autism can develop his co-ordination and confidence at a trampoline session.
  • 700 jumps – funds a deaf little boy who has been in and out of hospital so he can enjoy hands on activities at an outdoor survival skills day.
  • 1,500 jumps – means a 12-year-old boy with learning difficulties gets to play, learn and grow in confidence at a unique football and literacy project.
  • 2,000 jumps – means pays for a group of children living in a deprived area can have an hour of weekend football, keeping them active and healthy over winter.
  • 3,000 jumps – enables disabled children can do an indoor surfing session, where they can have fun while improving their balance and coordination.
  • 25,000 jumps – pays for a cooker for a family who have previously been homeless, allowing the children to have a warm meal a day and improve their health.

Let’s do this. Happy jumping.

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