A SnuzPod review – pros, cons and is it worth the money?

When you are expecting a baby, you obsess over the best things to get for them. And I think one of the biggest buys, and the most important, is obviously where your baby is going to sleep.
When I was pregnant with Daisy, I was asked if I would like to review a SnüzPod*. And I was so pleased and so excited, as this was already an item that was on our list. I’d done lots of research and I thought that the SnüzPod would be perfect for what we needed. Despite our needs actually changing since Daisy was born. 

So how did we find it? 

Firstly, I want to stress that this is a completely non-biased review. I can’t review items on my blog and encourage parents to buy things just because I was sent them. Babies are expensive, and I could never recommend an item if I didn’t think it was really worth the expense. 
Secondly, if you have read my blog before, you might know that Daisy was born with a cleft palate, and my syndrome, which meant she had some difficulty breathing, and so she spent six weeks and one day in special care. So I can only give a review from six weeks and one day. I thought that was worth a mention! But, that said, I don’t think our needs, or Daisy’s needs would have been any different otherwise, and Daisy is my second baby, so I have experience of that time anyway. 
In this review I’m going to touch what the SnüzPod is, how it was to build, the design, the pros, the cons, and the overall verdict. There is also a 10% discount code at the end of this post too, if you’d like to get yourself a SnüzPod for your little one.

What is a SnüzPod?

“Much more than just a bedside crib, SnüzPod is the multi award-winning 3-in-1 bedside crib that allows you to co-sleep safely next to your baby. SnüzPod’s clever and stylish crib design has been made with you and your baby in mind.” – taken from the SnüzPod website.

And it really is exactly as it says on the tin. It can be used as a co-sleeper/beside crib, a bassinet, and a stand-alone crib. It can be used from birth to six months, or until your baby is able sit up, in which case it would be safer to move them into their cot at this point. 
It comes in a range of seven colours, including Eco White (the one we have), Natural (wood), Dove Grey, Espresso (dark brown), Putty (a taupe shade), Sherbet (pastel yellow) and Blush (pale pink).
It won the 2015 Mother & Baby Gold Award for Best Cot, Crib or Moses Basket and has also won a 2016 Platinum Junior Design Award. 
It retails at £169.00 for the crib itself, or £199.95 for the crib and the mattress. And there are various accessories and extras to purchase as well. 

Why we chose a SnüzPod

As I mentioned earlier, the SnüzPod was something I was set to buy, regardless. I had seen it online several times and it came recommended by lots of friends. I had seen the Chicco Next2me Crib, but preferred the look and design of the SnüzPod. It seemed sturdier to me, and I preferred the look of the SnüzPod too. I haven’t obviously used the Next2me, so I can’t pass comment on that, but I just thought I would mention why I preferred the SnüzPod. 
I also expected to breastfeed again this time around, and, after having breastfed Bill for 18 months, I knew the pain of having to get in and out of bed in those early days, or pull your back trying to pick up a baby from a Moses basket. And I thought this would be perfect. I loved the idea of having my baby right next to me, to the point where I could reach out and touch her, but with her still sleeping safely in her own bed. 
As it was, Daisy was born with a cleft palate, which means she is unable to create a vacuum in her mouth to suck. So my dreams of breastfeeding went right out the window. She was also in special care for those six weeks, so by the time she came home, she was actually sleeping through (common in babies that have experienced a routine NICU life) and there was no need for me to have her in the co-sleeping format. While she was sleeping through, I wasn’t, as I would get up in the middle of the night to express milk, and tube feed her while she slept. This meant I would be in and out of bed, and having the SnüzPod as a co-sleeper would have been quite impractical for me. So we decided to use it as a standalone crib, albeit right next to the bed. I would move the crib away from the bed when I needed to feed her or get up, but then pull it closer when I was ready to sleep again. 

Building a SnüzPod

We were so excited when the SnüzPod arrived that we built it immediately. And I think I was only about 20 weeks pregnant at this stage. But it was just so excited to start imagining our baby girl sleeping there. Building it was relatively straight-forward, but be prepared for the fact that it does come flat-packed. Don’t leave it too late and too close to your due date! It’s not like a Moses basket where you just unfold a stand and pop it on top, the SnüzPod is a proper piece of furniture. 
It wasn’t too difficult to build though, and I left Mark to it. He didn’t need an extra pair of hands at all. The SnüzPod has multiple height adjustments, so you can choose the height that best fits your bed, which means it will be as safe as possible. So Mark was easily able to find the right height for our bed, and it only took him an hour to build, from unpacking to that final ‘ta da’ moment.

SnüzPod Aesthetics 

As I mentioned before, there are seven shades in total – Eco White (the one we have), Natural (wood), Dove Grey, Espresso (dark brown), Putty (a taupe shade), Sherbet (pastel yellow) and Blush (pale pink). 
We chose the white for the simple reason that our bedroom furniture was white, and I love the clean lines and style of white furniture. It will always match any room that it’s in too, which was a plus for me. That said, had the new shade, Sherbet, been out at the time, I could have been swayed by that as I love the colour yellow!
I love the curved lines of the SnüzPod – it felt really secure and safe, but with no harsh edges, which I appreciated with a clumsy four year-old around. The rock-able stand was another bonus, and I love the soft fabric, which seemed perfect for a baby, along with the mesh screen, which not only boosts air circulation, but provides a safe window for you and baby at night, however you choose to use the crib. The built in storage shelf in the stand makes for clever use of space and design – handy for blankets and nappies. 
It’s incredibly sturdy and will last a good while. And we are considering a third child, so I love that it will last.

The Pros of a SnüzPod

So what do we like about the SnüzPod?
  1. It’s versatility – We tend to leave the stand in our bedroom, and carry the crib itself down and use it as a bassinet. As Daisy is tube fed, it is so useful for us, as Mark will stay down with her and I can get some sleep while he does the last feed of the day, and then he brings her up, without disturbing me. And then I can actually drag the stand and crib into her nursery when I feed her in the middle of the night. It is just so handy – you couldn’t do that with a Moses basket, as I imagine you would need to collapse the stand to move it safely, which potentially risks waking baby. And no one wants to wake a sleeping baby at 3:00am. 
  2. The design – I have touched on this above but it really is lovely to look at. And it looks great in our bedroom too. 
  3. The longevity – As I mentioned previously, Daisy didn’t come home, or use her SnüzPod until she was six weeks old. By that stage, a Moses basket probably would have started to get a bit snug for her, bearing in mind both of my children are quite long and her brother had to move out of his Moses basket at six weeks due to room and waking himself up. I would have been gutted to have spent money on something I couldn’t use for very long, and then also not have my baby sleeping next to me after so long of waiting for that moment. She can potentially sleep in it until she is six months old – so we have another couple of months yet. That’s really worth the cost for us.
  4. The fact that it rocks – It’s such a lovely extra feature and Daisy does respond really well to a gentle rocking motion. I think most babies do. I didn’t expect to find this feature as useful as I have done. 
  5. The safety element – Daisy had a breathing tube in the first eleven weeks of her life, and had a saturation monitor, so she needed to be close for safety purposes, so really, the SnüzPod was a lifesaver for us. I could not have been without her close by, and the mesh window and having her within arms reach meant a lot for my nerves and worry over my baby. I would have loved to have used the co-sleeper format, for extra safety points, but I was so pleased to have something that put my mind at ease. Particularly while her breathing tube was in.
  6. The storage – the extra shelf is great for spare nappies and blankets and muslins. There has been a stage recently where Daisy has projectile vomited due to a bad cough, and we have needed extra muslins to hand to mop things up. This storage space is so handy in the middle of the night! 
  7. Compatibility – When Daisy no longer needed her breathing tube, we stopped using her saturation monitor and moved to the Angelcare monitor, which works really well with the SnüzPod, and that was really important for added peace of mind.
  8. Daisy loves it – An important point to note, I think, as she settles really well in it. She has that close comfort, similar to what she had in hospital, but also extra room to spread out and grow. 

The Cons of a SnüzPod

I do have a few cons and I think this is to be expected with any product that you buy. I don’t think anything is ever perfect and these are purely constructive things to note. Plus – what I will say is that this is the SnüzPod2. SnüzPod have already taken tweaks and changes onboard from the first model and I love how proactive they are in continually improving their product.
  1. Cleaning – The fabric part of the SnüzPod can, as expected, get a little bit grubby with wear. If you consider that we wash our bedding every week or couple of weeks, you can appreciate a baby’s bed can get grubby over time. Obviously we could wash any sheets or blankets – we have the SnüzPod Little Tweets Bedding Set (RRP £34.95, which includes two fitted sheets and one reversible blanket – pictured) and the SnüzPod Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector (£14.95), both of which I can recommend – but the sides of the crib can get spattered with sick, if you have a sicky baby, and general dust and dirt over time. This is fair enough – a Moses basket or any fabric type crib would be the same – but I wish the walls of the crib were simpler to remove so I could clean them. As you would have to dismantle the SnüzPod in order to do that.
  2. General wear – This will be down to the sheer amount of use that our SnüzPod has had over time, which is a credit to it in all fairness, but if we have moved it around, some of the paintwork has scuffed in areas. Again – this is to be expected and we have had ours go up and down throughout the house. But it’s worth noting. 
  3. Costs and extras – As I mentioned initially, the cost of the SnüzPod is £169.00 for the crib itself, or £199.95 for the crib and the mattress. I can’t say that isn’t a lot of money upfront, because of course it is, but if you consider that it can last for six months, the maths works out quite favourably. Let’s say, on average a month is about 30 days, which would be 180 days for six months, that would work out at approximately £1.1 per day. That cost will vary depending on your baby, but it’s actually worth the cost. Especially if you buy a Moses basket and then decide you still want baby near you when they grow out of it – you may end up spending more. But I know cost is a big thing for all of us, so it’s always worth considering before you spend. I also think some of the extras aren’t always needed, but that depends on you and how you use the SnüzPod. We haven’t used the SnüzPod Storage Pocket as much as we expected to, but that’s just us! 
  4. No tilt options – When Daisy was in special care, her cot, as with most babies in there, would be tilted at an angle to aid breathing. And we did this when she came home as well, while she had her feeding tube, and again when she had a cold. This is also great for babies with reflux too. We use a Wedgehog to replicate this at home, but I would love to see a future SnüzPod have that function in some way, as it’s so useful! 

Is the SnüzPod worth the money?

For us, it’s a hands down yes. We absolutely love our SnüzPod and would happily purchase it ourselves, had we not been gifted one for review. Yes, there are bits that could be tweaked, but things such as wear and tear are going to happen on any type of crib or Moses basket that you use. It’s part of life. 
As I said before, cost is bigger upfront, but it’s similar to the initial outlay for cloth nappies, and then the savings you make afterwards. The SnüzPod can be used for a long time, and £1.1 a day is money well spent for the safety and security it offers. 
Maybe one day we will get to use it with a future baby, if we do decide to have a third, and then I will definitely be trying out the co-sleeper function if we are able to next time. 
I hope this review helps. I’ve done my best to be as useful as I can. Any questions, or anything you feel I have missed, let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to help! 
Thank you to the SnüzPod team for gifting us our SnüzPod for review. We love it and we’ll continue to recommend it to friends and family as we have been. 

Discount code

If you’d like 10% off a then just enter SNUZWLN10 at checkout when buying at

*As always, all opinions are my own and reflective of my experience and are not biased in any way.

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  • Reply
    Kim Carberry
    15th August 2016 at 12:23 pm

    These look so great. I wish they had been around when my girls were little. I would have bought one.
    Great review x

  • Reply
    15th August 2016 at 4:16 pm

    Great review! I bought a snuzpod not long before we had Freddie and I am so glad we did! We love it

  • Reply
    16th August 2016 at 11:40 am

    Great review, we're deciding between this and a Next2me. Did you still have a Moses basket for naps in other rooms during the early days?

  • Reply
    Kirsty McManus
    20th August 2016 at 10:27 pm

    I've bought a Chicco Next to Me Crib, but I'm still umming and ahhing despite having already purchased it. I've read so many reviews up until now of both of them and yet I'm still no closer to throwing away my receipt…. Your review hasn't really helped my debate, I'm now leaning even more-so towards the SnuzPod! The adorable pictures of your little one in it pretty much sold it! I'm so glad I've stumbled on this blog, I'll definitley be trawling through any other reviews you've done in the next few days, I'm taking all the advice I can get here!

    Kirsty x

  • Reply
    27th August 2018 at 9:32 am

    Read all of your review and then found out at the end that you were gifted one to review it, Was a little disappointed as this meant i got all the way to the end to find out it is a biased review, it would be very hard to review honestly when snuzpod themselves have reached out to you and gifted you a product for you to review. Other than that very well written.

    • Reply
      Charlotte Taylor
      27th August 2018 at 12:17 pm

      It depends on whether you’d lie for a review? I personally wouldn’t, as things like this are expensive. If it helps, I still have the same SnuzPod now with my third baby. I also included what I would consider to be ‘cons’ as I don’t want anyone purchasing something because of my review, and finding faults I had failed to mention.

  • Reply
    Lisa Bond
    5th December 2018 at 2:48 pm


    We love our Snuzpod. We bought it when our first was 3 weeks old *(he’s 3 years old on two weeks) but mostly, we used it as an extension to the bed with him. With our second we used it again, this time as a standalone crib. Now we have our third baby on the way, we could do with refreshing the fabric pod. I have never handwashed anything and I’m scared to put it in the washer even on a cool handwash cycle, because of the plastic bit on the zip panel that acts as a stopper between parents bed and Snuzpod.

    How did you go about washing it? Do you just leave it to soak in the bath with some detergent or do you scrub it?

  • Reply
    6th April 2019 at 3:54 pm

    Hello there, great review but could you please mention the fabric the crib is covered with? Am wondering what it is exactly made off as I want something tested for toxic elements. Can you take it off and easily wash? Thank you

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