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A day in the life – featuring Bosch

So, I’m back with my third post in partnership with Bosch today. I hope you have been enjoying them so far. It’s been nice for me to get my teeth into writing again, after so long out of action since Daisy was born. 

Today is a day in the life type of post. I think we can all agree that washing machines aren’t normally things that we can get excited about. But this one is a little different I think. And, if I’m going to talk about a washing machine and give an honest review, I think the best way to do that is to show how in works in my day-to-day routine. 

My day tends to start pretty early at the moment, as you can imagine. I can’t actually breastfeed Daisy, because of her cleft palate, so I’m usually up early expressing, and then I have to tube feed her.

This can be quite an exhausting job. Tube feeding means I have to be on the ball at all times, checking her feeding tube is still in her stomach and not in her lungs, measuring out milk, giving her some reflux medication. And then waiting for gravity to take the milk from a syringe to her tummy, via her tiny little nose. Daisy, for the most part, actually sleeps through. But her mother doesn’t sadly! Not yet at least. We have a feeding schedule designed to make sure she gains weight steadily, as babies with clefts can struggle to gain, and I’m pleased to report that she is already 10lb 7oz, which is enough for me!

Speaking of feeding though, Daisy has a special trick and that involves shooting milk out of her nose! Now, this won’t be her party trick as an adult, I’m pleased to report, as once her cleft is repaired, she won’t have this problem anymore. But it does make things quite messy sometimes. I often have to change her bedding, and go through several muslin cloths a day, which means our laundry pile adds up pretty quickly.

Once I’ve fed her and expressed, I try my best to get some sleep before either Daisy or Bill wakes us first. And then it’s time for a quick shower – I almost always have an audience…

Then, we head down for breakfast, whether milk via a tube, or Cheerios. Or a cold cup of a coffee if you are me. I am trying my best to remember to eat myself, but it does come last at the moment.

I’ve been trying to change that though. Now Daisy is eight weeks old, I am starting to find the confidence to look at my postpartum body and see what I’ve got to work with. I’m not back at where I was by any means, but I was lucky enough to fit in my old clothes right away, but don’t get me wrong – they definitely don’t fit or look the same. I have started using fake tan again – I always feel better with a tan, and this hasn’t changed despite becoming a mother. We’ve had to cancel our family holiday this year, as Daisy can’t travel, and while I’m sad about that, at least I can fake my glow with a bottle! The only problem is that I apply it before bed, and my sheets do not look attractive come the morning. I’ve actually put them in to wash again today as it’s really not a good look, and that biscuity smell drives me crazy.

At the moment, we are really busy and tied up with visits from health visitors, our cleft nurse, and the care at home team, as well as having to attend various hospital appointments. We actually had one that clashed with the England match on Thursday, so I volunteered to take Daisy to hospital, while Mark and Bill enjoy the football at home. It was challenging to say the least! And I have three more visits from various teams this week!

With all of this in mind, I’m taking advantage of shortcuts where I can. I try not to get worked up about the mess in the house so much, I’m buying my food shop online so I don’t have to go out, and dry shampoo is my friend. I’ve also been using the Home Connect app, which is an absolute life-changer.

It’s essentially a brand new app and it lets you control your appliances with your phone or tablet. And it’s available on both Apple and Android devices. Winner.

It means I can use my washing machine without even being in the house, using WiFi. It’s available on the Serie 8 washing machine that I have, and it’s such a great idea.

I never really expected this part of the washing machine to be too big of a perk, I’ll be honest, but it made a massive difference to me in the past few weeks. And now I’ve used it, it’s proven its worth to me.

When Daisy was still in special care, I was able to use it to get wash loads done from hospital, so they aren’t sat in the drum all day, after being washed, which can make them smell damp and become more creased. I used to load the machine quickly before hospital, and set it to wash an hour or so before I was due to get home, then I could quickly hang it all up when I got in. It kept me on top of my washing when I was in a pretty foggy time of my life. I wasn’t able to get all the chores done sometimes, thanks to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. Having a baby in special care is nothing you can prepare for, and things like this really helped. As did having my iPhone with me, to keep in touch with friends and family, see pictures of Bill’s day when I wasn’t able to be with him, and entertain myself as Daisy slept in her hospital cot.

Technology is a God-send these days. And I really do mean that.

Now, hospital is thankfully a place we only visit for appointments, I’m still able to use Home Connect when I’m out and about. I can also get Mark to chuck things in the wash and I can select the settings myself if he’s at home with Daisy and I’m out with Bil using the EasySelect function, which helps you select the right wash cycle, so I know the setting is right for my clothes. He’s more of a washer-upper (I hate washing up), and I’m in charge of laundry in our house! And it just means that I don’t fall behind, and we can get these various vests, babygrows, sheets, muslin cloths, grubby t-shirts and muddy jeans (these are Bill’s contribution) and various tops of mine and Mark’s covered in baby sick sorted out. And the app also has tips for various stains and how to best remove them, which has been useful when I’ve got a particularly tough baby-related stain to fix!

For example, I didn’t know that, to get rid of coffee stains, you should:

  1. Wipe off with warm water.
  2. Apply ox gall soap. 
  3. Allow to work in for 30 minutes.
  4. Rinse out.

Daisy actually managed to explode a nappy the other day, which almost destroyed a sleepsuit, and then she weed on me twice for good measure. I’m pretty sure it was all a ploy for a bath (she loves them) and shame on me for not thinking she’d attack me. I am slowly reminded of the joys of newborns. Her brother was just the same!

I just wish I had more appliances that take advantage of Home Connect, you can use it with ovens to start your dinner when you are on the way home from work, or use the two cameras inside your fridge, to check what you have in while you’re at the shops – it’s absolutely incredible. And it feels a bit like I’ve got a piece of the future at home with me.

Now if someone could just invent a piece of technology that magically makes all babies sleep through, and can do my makeup for me every morning, while fetching me a hot coffee, I’ll be sorted.

*PR collaboration.

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