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38 Weeks Pregnant – Baby Number Two

How many weeks?

38 weeks pregnant. I missed a few weeks as I have been so busy finishing up work and getting ‘ready’.

When is baby due? 

19th April 2016. Though I am really wondering if it could be sooner. You’ll know what I mean as you keep reading!

How’s baby doing?

She’s good. She’s so big now. I am still in awe of the fact that there’s a human inside me. Not just a little alien baby. But this real baby who is pretty much ready to meet me.

She’s around 50cm from head to toe now, and the size of a watermelon! I’m now in the Dirty Dancing stages: “I carried a watermelon.” Weight wise she is around 6lb 9oz according to what my apps tell me, but as always, I feel like she’s a little bit bigger than that. Just call it’s mother’s intuition. Babies are expected to gain around an ounce per day now, so I’m expecting her to be at least 7lb something, if not more. But she may surprise me!


Well, this week has been quite eventful really. I managed to make the last day of work without popping, or finding it too tough.

And then I started a relatively slow and lazy weekend as Bill was visiting his other family with his dad. It was really weird to start maternity leave and not have either of my babies with me, but Mark and I managed to make the most of our time together. As it may well be our last weekend just us for years! Like – YEARS.

On Saturday night we relaxed and didn’t do much, and ended up getting a curry takeaway for our tea. Which I didn’t think much of at the time. The next morning, on Sunday, after a lie-in, we decided to take a walk in the sunshine as Mark was eager to get out and I want to try and stay active. So we went out for a mooch and to the shops and it wasn’t too far. But on our way back I was pretty sore!

We got home and I rested on the sofa for a little while. And then I had a big surge of energy and ended up cleaning the kitchen and sweeping and mopping the floors of both the kitchen and conservatory. And I even potted some bedding plants in our front garden, while Mark mowed the lawn.

Then I noticed I was a bit wet down there (sorry if that’s a bit TMI, as they say, but this is honest pregnancy after all) and I noticed that I’d lost some of my mucus plug, and even more when I wiped, and more throughout the day.

Since then, I’ve not had anymore plug, but I have been feeling the opposite of constipated (what a delightful update this is turning out to be) and I’ve even felt queasy sometimes too. I am also extremely tired but then getting very bizarre bursts of energy where I feel like tackling huge jobs on my own. I am currently trying to talk myself out of putting lining paper up in our bedroom on my own…

I don’t know what this all means, as this is so new to me. I’m not a first-time mum, but after an induction, I don’t know what to expect if I go into labour naturally. I feel really edgy about it. And a bit nervous too. But I’m trying to put it to the back of my mind and soak up these last weeks with Bill. Because I know I will miss them!

If you have an experience of going into labour naturally, I’d love to hear what you think!

How I feel?

I feel okay! I mean – I’m so relieved to be finished now. Getting into Manchester every day was starting to make me anxious as I really didn’t want to give birth so far away from home. But I did have that comfort of Mark being in the same office every day.

Now? Well, I miss him. We met at work. We work together, albeit not that closely. But just knowing he was there was lovely. We’ve always been a team in that way. And we spend plenty of time apart, don’t worry, but we’re used to our mutual company and always have been. Seeing him leave on Monday morning without me was very strange.

As for maternity leave itself. I am loving it. I am loving the lack of pressure. I am loving the chance to take it slow. No commute. The rest. But most of all I am loving having little conversations with my son and soaking up how special he is. Normally I would miss these things as I’m so rushed and panicked. But now I feel like I’m able to truly appreciate everything about him.

My only negative is that I am scared. I’m scared of labour. I know what to expect in terms of pain. But I don’t know what to expect in terms of her arrival. I’m anxious. Nervous. Excited. And a bit daunted. But I know it’s normal.

Yet, despite all of that, I’m ready. If she comes tomorrow – I’m ready. I am ready to meet my daughter.

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    Jenny Ripatti-Taylor
    6th April 2016 at 8:29 pm

    Ahh not long now darling I can't believe it's very real and very soon she will be here. I can't wait for you to baby spam us, please say you will baby spam us all the time. Love babies! Good luck not that you need it darling Bill will be the best big brother ever! πŸ™‚

  • Reply
    10th April 2016 at 2:18 pm

    Uh, I know how you feel! My first son was born after an induction, too, so I did not know what to expect with my second baby nearly 5 years later. I just thought, that my body had no idea whatsoever to get the baby out of me.. but boy, I was wrong, so wrong. On his actual due date, I felt like having to pee ALL THE TIME, and then I lost the plug (if this is the right word) and became so anxious! I googled it and it said "after losing the plug, labour can start right away or it will take up to three days or weeks, I can not remember. Anyway, 3 hours later, I was at the attic looking for something to get the baby boys room finally finished – the water broke! What a perfect location, since I had to crawl the tiny ladder back done. I showered 30 minutes earlier and my hear was all wet! My bag was not really packed and we had to get the ambulance since I did not knew if the head was right down there. What a fun day πŸ™‚ But 10 hours later he was born…
    Can not wait to hear of your birth story with your babygirl! All the best for you! (Maybe she is already there, while I am typing this).
    Yours Danny

  • Reply
    14th April 2016 at 9:33 am

    Not long at all now and it sounds like your body is doing all the right things ready for baby girls arrival!

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