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The Weekend Post #37

I am sat here, leaning on the arm of the sofa and trying to pretend that my daughter’s movements aren’t ever so slightly painful. I’m listening to Ava Gardner sing ‘Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man’ while Mark researches our holiday and Bill watches The Lion Guard songs on the iPad. I was, as a little fact, going to call Bill, Ava, should he have been a girl. I just think that Ava Gardner is wonderful. 
But before you wonder – that’s not this little girl’s name! 

Spring arrived this weekend didn’t it? At least, I like to think it did. 
And it made me so happy. The air smells just like it should. And I could see people walking about not wearing big heavy coats. And the sun hurt my eyes, as it was so high in the sky and I just felt happy.
We’d already decided to have a real family weekend this weekend. It’s been a very long time since all three of us have been home for a full weekend actually. And it’s been a very long time since we’ve not had to build furniture, decorate, or do DIY. Don’t get me wrong, there are still things that need to be done (and next weekend we’re hoping to rent a skip) but we don’t feel under the same amount of pressure that we used to.

We started Saturday morning fairly early for us. But because we wanted to. I was due a lie-in but I couldn’t stay in bed with the sun streaming through the curtains. So I was up and at ’em with the boys, and quite happy to make the most of the day.
But obviously coffee.

We’ve not had Romeo for quite a year yet, but he’s really starting to come out of his shell with every passing day. He’s extremely vocal and greets you, or seems to try and have conversations with you whenever he can. 
He’s getting much better with Bill, who adores his two cats, and I do like his funny cat ways. He was found playing with a rolled-up receipt the other day, which he was using as a football. We’ve since learnt that he plays fetch as well. The weirdo.
Elsa, on the other hand, is puzzling me a bit. She started pulling her fur out and we took her to the vets straight away, as we were so worried. But it turns out it’s just stress. And we can’t quite understand why she is stressed? She endured the whole house renovation with a full coat of fur, and now, as things settle, she seems really unlike herself. 
She’s become extremely needy too, which I find hard after a long day – I have one little thing moving all over me inside, and I can’t quite handle another little thing fidgeting on my outside either. She does seem to be getting better though. We have Feliway, and we spoil them both. But it does make me a bit worried for when this baby arrives, if Elsa doesn’t like change.
We headed out for the day on Saturday. Which is why there aren’t many snaps of the day – as I was too busy enjoying myself to remember in all honesty. I did film a little bit though, which you can see in the vlog at the end of this post if you’d like!
We promised Bill we’d do the library, the Bear Café and soft play. And we kept that promise! It was lovely to have some time as a family, choosing books, eating sandwiches and watching him run around with pink cheeks. He was so helpful to younger children, holding their hand and making friends. But you could tell he still feels daunted by the older kids. I think he’ll make a wonderful big brother. And he certainly seems excited! 
We also popped by to see my grandparents, and my auntie, uncle and two of my cousins who we up for the weekend. They are all moving up here – ‘back home’ for my Auntie Debbie – and I am really excited about that. They have lived in Hertfordshire for as long as I can remember and I am just excited at the prospect of having all of my family so close. That’s such a lucky thing. My brother has also put his house on the market, and will be moving to our village with his lovely girlfriend Nikki too. They only live in the next town. But it will be nice to have them here too.
After seeing family, we got home and had a lazy-ish evening. At least – when I say that, you know I don’t do lazy very well. I always have to be doing something. 

I just had to mention this gorgeous Joseph Joseph Yellow Pepper Worktop Saver I was sent. It’s so lovely and I keep it on our island now so I can just start chopping and protect the wood. Yellow is my favourite colour and I love Joseph Joseph kitchenware. It’s brilliant.
I put a curry in the slow cooker, late on Saturday morning, so it was all done for me and Mark once Bill was in bed. Which was ace as it was lovely and I didn’t really do much to it. It was definitely a fakeaway, on both counts really.

I also made some Slutty Brownies as I’ve not made them in so long and they were calling to me a little bit. I have them stored in a cake tin and I’m definitely having one later when my sweet cravings strike. If you’ve never made them before you must. They basically require two packet mixes, and a pack of Oreos. Easy. And so good (or bad, depending on how you feel about being a piglet).

It’s Sunday now, as I write this. And the sky is still just as blue as it is in the photograph below. It’s just amazing to feel my world warm up a bit. I’ve always had it in my head that, when Spring came – or as Bill says: “When the lambs come.” – that I will be having my baby. And so now, well – that’s true isn’t it? It’s really happening. 
I’m having my baby soon.

Those tiny daffodils really made me smile. We headed out for a walk to the park and a mooch to the shops. And I spotted them and crouched down as low as I could, with a bump at least, so I could take a photo of this pretty yellow row. 

The park was busy, as you’d expect, but I like that. I like hearing the noisy of giddy, happy children playing. And it’s nice to see Bill around other children too. 

Bill’s entire outfit is from Vertbaudet pretty much (bar the wellies which are Little Bird) – I have a review on their new Spring/Summer 2016 collection coming soon! 

This child and his many ways of scaling a slide.

That’s my entire world right there. In a month or so, there should be just enough room for a little girl in her dad’s arms too.

I have really been trying to soak up these last moments of a mother of one. I am quite daunted by it all, if I’m honest. I am so excited to meet my daughter, but I am also completely unsure of how my heart will grow anymore when it is so full of love for my son. 
I know this is normal, and that your heart does grow, rather than give up some love. But I just want to eat up every second that I spend with him while he’s my only baby. And I don’t want to put him second, which I know that, sometimes, I will have to do when his sister is here. I want maternity leave to start now, so I can have more time with him. But it’s still three weeks away. 

After the park, we headed home and played out in the garden for a little while. And I finally have some washing hung on the line! Which reminds me – really do need to bring that in before it gets dark. 
I made us a roast pork dinner, and we had a frozen strawberry gateaux for dessert, which I pimped out with some extra fresh strawberries. 

And now? Well, I must admit I’m pretty sad, as I always am on a Sunday evening. I never want our weekends to end. And I do find the working week very hard now. As I’m so tired. But it’s not long until Friday really. If I stay busy and keep going, we’ll be back home and filling a skip with rubbish before we know it! 

Watch the vlog:

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  • Reply
    Alex Gladwin
    14th March 2016 at 8:37 am

    Ah a lovely post! Such gorgeous, happy photos. It was so nice to see a bit of sun wasn't it? It feels like it's been too long with all of this grey weather. We headed to the park too and Logan had his first go on the swings, I'd been waiting so long to see my boys together on the swings. 🙂 Have a great week lovely! xx

  • Reply
    Katie @mummydaddyme
    14th March 2016 at 2:02 pm

    I love seeing these snippets into your weekend my chum. I wish I lived closer so we could spend time together, wouldn't that be lovely. x

  • Reply
    What the Redhead said
    14th March 2016 at 5:38 pm

    It sounds like a lovely weekend – I love these posts of yours. Elsa being stressed could be your pregnancy. Our boy cat had to be put on antidepressants and things when I was pregnant with A as he licked all of his fur off his tummy, bum and tail. He was a bit of a mess poor boy. It carried on when she was born and again when T was born. She just may not be dealing with your hormones very well x

  • Reply
    15th March 2016 at 10:20 am

    Your weekend posts are always so idyllic! It inspires me to do more with my weekends which are mostly spent doing housework lo! I commented on a previous post about the cat thing but perhaps Elsa and Romeo aren't getting on as well as you might think which is causing her stress? If Romeo is asserting himself as Alpha cat then he could be waging some psychological warfare on Elsa which isn't obvious to humans! eg: limiting her access to litter tray/outdoors when she needs the toilet, marking her favourite areas as his own, even spraying in her favourite spots of the garden. Vicky Hall has some cat books which are very helpful for households with 2 or more cats xx

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