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Bill’s Summer Wardrobe

Firstly, that top photograph of my little guy kills me. He posed for me – he loves it when he gets some new clothes to wear – and he looks so darn cute! 
Bill is moving up into 4-5 year clothing now, he always tends to outgrow his past clothes in the Spring, before his June birthday. So I’ve been buying a few bits to restock. This is the time where you realise how expensive little ones can be. He gets a new wardrobe every other season, and I’m stuck here stretching Primark’s finest from last year over my huge pregnant belly. But he’s my world, and he looks far better than I do anyway! 

I was actually quite lucky to be sent some pieces from Vertbaudet’s Spring & Summer collection for 2016. And I was pretty excited because they have some absolutely gorgeous pieces, and it was nice to inject some colour back into his wardrobe after what feels like the LONGEST Winter.

What I love about this new range is that they have actually thought about it. I don’t just mean that they have some lovely designs. I’m talking about the fact that Vertbaudet have completely understood who their little audience is, and they have made clothes to match. 
By that I mean that their trousers and jeans now come in your normal sizes – 4-5 years for example –  but they also come in slim, medium, wide fits too. So if you have a tall and slim little one, like I do, you can buy bottoms that fit their long legs, but don’t swing gangster-low on their hips either. That’s always been a struggle for us, so I’m in love with this idea. They also come with adjustable waists for added flexibility, and you can choose skinny fits and relaxed fits too, as you would normal jeans. I love the idea.

At the same time, they now have a range that embraces the “Mama, I want to dress myself stage”. We’re in this right now and, to give him credit, my little guy has style. But he’s hopeless and can sometimes fly into a rage with things like zippers and buttons. So Vertbaudet have introduced clothing with elasticated waists for easy pull-ups and downs. Poppers that are easy to pop on and off – and make jackets and jumpers much more manageable. And also designs that are quite favourable to being worn back to front too. Because none of us like stepping in, after our child has spent ten minutes putting a single sock on, and half an hour navigating a t-shirt, only to say they have gotten it wrong. 
This is a big part of Bill’s growing up. He’ll be at school in September and these skills are important, especially when he has things like PE classes. And wants to feel like a ‘big boy’. 

I was able to watch him get dressed without him screaming: “ARGH! STUPID JUMPER!” Which he tends to do when he gets stuck usually. I try not to laugh but sometimes I can’t help it. 

And that happy face says it all really. 
I’ve left all of the links to what we have down below, as well as a discount code for you all, and a full video haul of all of these items, as well as others I have bought myself. I hope you enjoy! 

Bill’s Wardrobe 

Discount Code 

For 20% off all full-price items and free delivery until 29th March at 11:59pm use the code: 8475. 

Watch the Haul

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    Anna Hughes
    24th March 2016 at 3:26 pm

    Love the pieces you got! The idea of the different fits on the jeans is a great idea! My son, Ben is short and skinny, is about to turn 3 and I just had to go buy him a size 2-3 rain coat as 3-4 was massive on him!

    Anna xx

  • Reply
    Laura CYMFT
    24th March 2016 at 6:57 pm

    I love Vertbaudet! They have such a great range and I love how versatile their clothing is. Loving all these yellows and greys!

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