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The Weekend Post #33

I can’t believe I’ve kept this up for another weekend. But the truth is, this has always been my most favourite type of post to write. Because I know these swift little moments will be the things I look back on when I’m a little old lady and counting my blessings. 
We had a pretty lovely weekend as they go.
It was cold. So cold! But I liked it as, I don’t know what it is, but when I’m pregnant, I just want to be home. I don’t really want to be anywhere else. I much prefer it here. 
Bill was with his dad overnight on Friday, so Mark and I had a relatively relaxed Friday evening and a bit of a lie-in. Which meant that, by the time Bill came home at 9:00am, I had already showered, washed up some pots and cleaned the kitchen. 
I’ve also been trying to do wash loads of clothes during the week, and making the most of my Friday working from home (a pregnancy relief for the third trimester) as I can get things done in my lunch break, or the time I usually spend commuting. 
It sounds like such a small thing, but getting those three wash loads done saves me so much time! And it also helps that it’s been a full week with a working sink that doesn’t flood or block, so all of the plumbing in the kitchen works as you’d expect it to! 
I appreciate that I have rambled about chores, but there’s a point. And the point is that it means I’m free to be more of a mother. Something that makes me so happy. I was able to play with my son, and read to him, and chat to him. And I did this for most of the weekend, and that easy life, of love and happiness, is all I really want. 
And when I do need five minutes to make me a brew and Bill a hot cocoa, there’s always the kitchen telly with Goldie and the Bear on. His new favourite. My new nemesis. But it keeps him happy! 
For some reason, when I make Bill a hot chocolate, it’s a ‘hot cocoa’. I think it’s because I add cream and it feels special to him. When he has it anywhere else, it’s just ‘hot chocolate’. Makes me feel like I’m a bit magic in a small way.
I had an order come through from Fritha’s shop. She’s closing down now, to focus more on her babies and her blog, and I was grateful to snag a few bargains for Bill’s room and baby girl’s nursery. I have a haul coming up so keep an eye out for that, if you’re that way inclined!
My parents popped round with a Minion Cupcake pack for Bill to do with me. So we made them. And even though they are simple to do, he always manages to make them look…artistic! He does make me laugh. It makes him so happy to be in the kitchen and I love having my tiny sous chef with me. 
On Saturday evening, we headed to Manchester to Bem Brasil to celebrate Mark’s nephew’s 16th birthday. It was so much meat. And I was full so quickly! But Bill was amazing. He was so well-behaved that he even got a kiss on the cheek from a lady as she left the toilets. And – this sentence is a long one – but Mark’s sister’s husband’s dad gave Bill a pound for being so well-behaved and my little boy flushed red with pride and gave lovely Tom a hug. 
The pound was spent today (Sunday) on two Zomlings, which he paid for himself with another dose of flushed pride. 
So yes, today. 
We actually drove home in snow last night, so I expected more when we woke. There wasn’t much. But enough to think that a giant toddler had gone crazy with icing sugar all over the village. It made Bill grin so much, as I lifted him up onto the windowsill, and he cleared the steamy windows. It didn’t stick around, but it was nice to see. Even if snow does leaving me dreaming of a White Christmas. Terribly late snow, terribly late.
We made pancakes when we came downstairs. Mainly because this pregnant lady really fancied them. And also because we’d run out of bread. I used Nigella’s recipe. They were lovely with maple syrup and a blob of butter. 
That’s some serious pancake porn right there.
For the rest of the morning, I edited in between playing games and reading what felt like a gazillion books. I like to read and it makes me feel all fuzzy knowing Bill enjoys it too. 
Mark pretty much finished painting our bathroom. There’s a few fiddly bits left for me to do, but they won’t take me long. I’m on my own on Saturday, as Bill’s with his dad. So I plan to do it then. It will be nice to have a complete room. Save for some decorations and finishing touches. I’ll be sure to do a bathroom tour when it’s done, if you’d like to see that is?
This afternoon, Mark watched the football and I pottered about. Both of us playing with Bill and chatting to him. Bill and I had a fantastic half hour playing shopkeeper, which really made me smile as he picks up so many little things from life. Like the little beep he makes as he scanned each animal. Oh, it was an animal shop. Not that you wouldn’t have guessed! 
I actually wasn’t feeling all that fantastic today. I’m tired. So I bunged a load of things into a big roasting tray for tea. It was just some par-boiled spuds, a few lamb chops that I marinated in olive oil, dried mint, cinnamon and salt and pepper, some spare sausages, some mushrooms, some plum tomatoes, balsamic and seasoning. And I just let it cook. It was so tasty – the potatoes soaked up all of the juices and everything was rich and sweet. And Mark washed up, so I can’t complain there either.
We ended the day with some banana splits. I just chopped up some leftover Christmas chocolates, and put together a bowl of blueberries, a bowl of pink wafers, and a bowl of homemade berry sauce (just frozen berries, water and honey cooked down). Bill could choose any of these toppings to pop on his banana, along with strawberry ice cream and cream! 
When I first brought it to the table, it was just a banana on the plate and I’d built it up so much that he went: “A BANANA?!” Like I was a total let-down. It made me laugh! 
They were yummy anyway. And we had fun. My banana split looked suspiciously like a vagina though, so it was a bit awkward to eat at first… 
This forced-smile cheeky chops has gone up for a bath now. 

I bought six bath bombs in the Lush sale and he’s having my last one. Out of those six, I’ve only used one myself! But he’s worth it. For every bath I could have, his happy face and gratefulness means more. Plus, the scent of it has wafted down the stairs and the whole house smells lovely now.

I need to be lazy now. I’m so sleepy and baby girl is doing her best to distract me, by dancing away in my belly. I have my GTT tomorrow, which means a morning in hospital to check I don’t have gestational diabetes. I’m dreading it as I have to fast from 9pm, until midday tomorrow. And I have two sets of bloods taken and a lot of waiting around!

Then, to top it all off, I’ve got the dentist in the afternoon! What a Monday!

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    18th January 2016 at 10:32 am

    The meals in the post has left me feeling hungry! Joy to The World

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    19th January 2016 at 10:34 am

    It's great hearing about your weekend, I enjoyed the simplicity an loveliness of this post 🙂 Alice xx

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    Jenny Ripatti-Taylor
    21st January 2016 at 2:10 pm

    Ahhh what a lovely weekend wrapped up into some pancake making. I am coming over for pancakes. lol They look amazing. Bill looks so grown up lately too and always smiling I love it.

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