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Bill’s Big Boy Bedroom

When you are having building work done, the thought of a finished room, feels like something reserved for Pinterest and too much Prosecco on a Friday night. Where you think of all of these great ideas, and then you realise that you don’t have any walls yet, stuff is expensive, and why do I want everything that comes from America? Damn you shipping charges.

Now we have a finished shell, the rooms in our house have slowly started to look like rooms. The bathroom is part painting and we’re totally fine with that. The kitchen has plaster patches on the ceiling and I have a huge tin of paint for the cabinets, but a huge lack of incentive to go with it. The nursery still has damp stains and is full of ‘stuff’. 
And it’s also full of a three year-old boy at the moment too.
Our bedroom and his bedroom have existed for a while, obviously, and haven’t changed a bit. Our room has been stripped of its delightfully hideous wallpaper, but nothing more than that. And his room has stayed the same. 
His room with the stained green carpet, left from who lived here before. The patchy yellow wood-chip wallpaper. And stiff blue curtains. But it was his room and he’s never been ungrateful for his own bit of space. 
But I’ve been desperate to give him a special space of his own, to be really proud of. He’s seen so much change going on around him, and we wanted him to have a new room, just like his new sister will. 
And sure, that means that, as well as a kitchen, bathroom, and nursery to finish (and a conservatory to gut and clear). We’ve also added his bedroom to the list too. As well as our own – as we realised that, actually, it did matter, as she’d be sleeping in there too for a while and we have a very dusty carpet and curtains that no long close properly (we need blackout protection here ladies). 
And we now have about 13 weeks to do this. Which sounds like forever, but when you bump-challenged and slow, working full-time, with a three year-old, we might might as well have a weekend. Nervous laughter anyone?
That said, my amazing family have stepped up this week and already started on his room. It’s already stripped and doesn’t need too much work until it’s ready to paint. I can’t believe that, soon, he’ll have his own room that he can escape to, play in, sleep cosily in, and feel proud of. 
I have, for probably around six months, been foraging away like a little squirrel. Collecting items for his ‘theme’. And things that I thought he might like. Things that would make him special. I’ve been pinning like a demon too, as it helps me stay inspired, and remember what to save for. I’m really pleased I’ve bought over time, because money is tight right now, and I really wanted to make it special for him.
More than anything, I feel like I’m having to accept that he’s growing up. I got home on Monday and saw his old nursery decorations, which I had tried to string up in our new house, neatly folded in a pile. There’s no more white and blue. Gentle and soft, calming colours. It’s all brights and colour and vibrant noise, just like him.
While I picked a theme for him, it was easy. As it’s the theme he’d pick himself. He’s always loved animals and so it was easy to go down that route. Easy to think of what we’d include. And look for inspiration. 
He actually chose his own bedding, which has helped grow our initial ideas a bit more. He saw it in my Auntie Julie’s Next catalogue, and fell in love. And when he realised I’d bought it, he looked like he might cry with happiness. 
All he’s asked is that it has lots of animal decorations! So I’m working on it! 
I can’t wait to make it a reality for him.

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  • Reply
    Sophie Carter
    14th January 2016 at 8:19 am

    Ah his bedroom is gonna be so cute!! šŸ™‚ I absolutely love decorating kids rooms. Well, not necessarily the decorating but the finishing touches xx

  • Reply
    Helen J
    14th January 2016 at 10:31 am

    Absolutely LOVE that duvet cover and the general animal theme – so vibrant, cute and lots of fun games to play with naming the animals šŸ™‚

    Helen x

  • Reply
    Anna Hughes
    14th January 2016 at 3:21 pm

    His bedroom is going to look great when done! It's brilliant that your family are helping you as well. That is one massive list of things to get done!

    Anna – Annas Reflection

  • Reply
    Harriet Shearsmith
    14th January 2016 at 8:57 pm

    Oh lovely! I love that bedding – so fun but still not garish šŸ™‚

  • Reply
    Jenny Ripatti-Taylor
    15th January 2016 at 10:33 am

    Oh yes renovating a house can be time consuming and feel like forever to get done but once every room is done it will be truly magical and worth the wait. And give yourself credit darling you are about to have a baby. Bills room will looking amazing like this. I am the same everything I like is in America. Lucky I have my momma to ship to me duty free. šŸ˜‰ Hope to catch up soon.

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