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21 Weeks Pregnant – Baby Number Two

How many weeks?

21 weeks!

When is baby due? 

19th April 2016.

How’s baby doing?

She’s really well, as far as I know. She’s very obvious to me now. My belly has grown a lot these past couple of weeks and I’m very aware of her movements and her schedule. I can feel regular kicks and jabs and I fall more in love every single day.

Apparently she is now the size of a cantaloupe melon?! Say what!? That feels really big to me. She’s around 27cm long, and weighing 360g. And I just can’t get my head around the fact that this once poppy seed of a baby is now so big and strong.

My app also tells me that she looks like she will do when she’s born now, but just very small. I can’t even imagine what she’ll look like. Though I think she’ll take after her dad.

We have a scan with her next week, on 22nd, when I’ll be 23 weeks, and just three days away from Christmas and I really can’t wait to see her again. It will be the last time until our growth scan at 32 weeks and I’m going to savour the extra gift she gave us by being stubborn and refusing to get in a good position to be measured last time around!


I’m not too bad this week. I feel more like me, which is actually love to say. Just with a big, big belly. I do feel a bit self-conscious at times, and losing my baby weight after she’s born is also playing on my mind a little bit, because I’ve lost so much weight and I don’t want to undo my hard work.

Heartburn is my biggest enemy this week as I’ve really started to notice it. Though it’s not too bad at the moment. And Gaviscon is always there if I need it!

How I feel?

I’m a bit nervous about the birth this week for some reason. Which is daft as that is ages away yet! But I have this weird worry about her being breech and having to have a c-section as a result. The thought really scares me and I feel this big pressure to have a birth similar to William’s again. As his was so positive for me.

I know I’m being daft, but it’s really playing on my mind. I had a few operations as a child and I don’t like hospitals at the best of times, but a hospital birth is right for me due to the syndrome I was born with, and the chance of it passing on to my children. But if I can avoid surgery of any kind, I’d like to. As it terrifies me!

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