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19 & 20 Weeks Pregnant – Baby Number 2

How many weeks?

20 weeks pregnant! I may have missed a week, thanks to a hectic couple of weeks, but I’ve made a note of everything.

When is baby due? 

19th April 2016.

How’s baby doing?

She’s definitely in there! My goodness, in the last couple of weeks she has really upped her wriggle game. For a couple of days, at work, she has wiggled none-stop and she’s been quite distracting if I’m honest. The only issue is now is that I’m always watching out for her and I get panicky if she doesn’t move as much. Though, sometimes I know I’m too busy to notice. But I can’t wait for her to grow a bit bigger so those movements are more noticeable. I think, by Christmas, when I’m 24 weeks, she’ll be much more obvious to me and I can’t wait for that.

For now, she’s the size of a mango, and we’re measuring from head to toe now, not head to rump. She’s around 26cm long, which is crazy to me as that’s almost the length of one of those fold-up rulers I had in my pencil case at school.

We had her 20 week scan last Tuesday, and she looks perfect, but she’s so awkward and wriggly that we need to go back on 22nd December for a repeat scan to get some measurements of her heart and face.

Latest snap of her is below!


I am doing good I think. My sickness has mostly gone, aside from the odd moment where I forget to eat or drink, and that’s usually when work is very busy.

I have been having serious cravings for turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwiches, which is just as well really, given that I’ll be surrounded by leftovers soon enough! I’ve kicked the 7Up habit and prefer lime and soda now, or my pregnancy nectar of choice – orange juice! I’m getting much better at scoffing salads and being healthier, and it’s making me feel better and happier as a result.

I’ve noticed that, in the past couple of weeks, I’ve wanted to start looking nice again. I didn’t care how I looked before, but now I want to feel pretty and glowy. Rather than a pregnant swamp monster. I’ve been painting my nails again, which makes me feel special, and trying to make the most of the clothes I have too. I’ve also been covering myself in moisturiser as my skin is so dry and it’s really starting to help! I have included a few favourites, along with a few baby bits, in my video at the end of this post if you’d like a nosey.

The only new symptom I have is back ache, which is causing problems sleeping sometimes, but my new mattress and pregnancy pillow have been helping. I wrote about those here.

The SPD twinges are still there, but no worse for now and I have my midwife appointment on Wednesday too, so fingers crossed it stays that way!

How I feel?

I feel…good! I think! Most of the time at least, anyway. I’m really counting down to Christmas now and it will be a welcome break. I think it will help time to fly too, as, by the time I’m back at work I’ll be around 26 weeks pregnant, and we’ll be in the year that she’ll be born in – 2016. It’s going to be a good year.

I’m less stressed now, as, after over three months of building work. the builders are almost out and we  can start to decorate and finish things off at our pace, with no delays or interruptions.

I’m also feeling glad because my Christmas shopping is almost done and I’m feeling smug about that. At least I can sit back and rest now, and not panic too much. I do need to wrap everything though!

As for everything else? Well, I’m just excited for the future now. I know we’ve lots of work to do still, but it’s worth it and we can do it.

Watch the video:

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  • Reply
    Tahana Lee
    6th December 2015 at 11:08 pm

    I'm 21 weeks and feeling a bit the same. So much wriggling. It feels amazing. Melts my heart every time I feel him! I haven't even started my Christmas shopping and we are flying for the New Year to see my partners family! busy busy Christmas but only just starting to have more energy the last couple of days (just to get me through the day without a nap haha). xx <3

  • Reply
    S, x
    7th December 2015 at 9:11 am

    I really love keeping up with your updates – it feels like your pregnancy is going so quickly!

  • Reply
    Jenny Ripatti-Taylor
    7th December 2015 at 5:36 pm

    OH I love watching your videos darling you are such a natural. Glad things in the house are calming and getting ready for baby. half way mark must feel so close. I am so excited for you.

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