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Working from Home & Desk Space

This week, I had a midwife appointment (which was lovely, but more about that in my 17 week pregnancy update!). As well as being lovely, it also meant that I was able to work from home. 
Normally, I will wake up between 5:45 and 6:15, depending on how Bill feels about waking up that day. And then by 7:30 we’ll be out of the house, and dropping Bill off at my mum’s and on our way to the train station.
Now I’m pregnant, it’s really starting to tire me out throughout the week, as I’m travelling for around two hours a day. On Wednesday, I woke up and was able to take it much more slowly, I didn’t put makeup on, and I was able to stick a wash-load on before I even sat down at my desk.  I also got to sign for a parcel and pick-up a Gingerbread Latte on my walk back from the midwife. It was a good day! 
Even though I worked late that night, it was nice to shut the laptop and already be home. One of my fellow colleagues is that bit more pregnant from me and she’s working from home once-a-week now, and I’m hoping to do the same when I’m in my third trimester, just so I can slow down a little bit. 
One thing I will say is that, when you work from home, it’s not automatically easier to get things done. 
I think the one thing you need is a desk. And not just a table and a chair. A place to inspire you and keep you focused. 

Arranging your space

The first thing you will need to do when setting up a workplace in your home is to choose the right location. Sitting on the sofa might seem appealing at first (and, to be fair, I still sometimes do it), but it can be distracting sometimes, especially when your two cats try and join you. 
The best location will be quiet, well-lit and removed from the areas you spend the majority of your downtime. Poor lighting can lead to headaches and eye-strain, while working in your kitchen, front room or bedroom can quickly lead to the divide between your working life and home life becoming very blurred. 
We actually have a desk space in our living room, but it’s very set-apart from the rest of the room in terms of style and space, and, as it’s a family desk, it’s the right place for it. It has motivational quotes and plenty of storage and it’s great for work, as well as home filing and online shopping… 
We also keep this space nice and tidy too; according to furniture specialists Furniture At Work™, if you want to be more productive at your desk, it is important to get rid of any unnecessary objects you have lying around. Like toy cows – thank you very much little Bill! 

Finding the right furniture

Furniture makes a huge difference too. We have a big, white computer desk, which fits in with our decor and also helps to make things feel clean and bright. While we could have had a stylish-looking chair, with a sheepskin throw, we actually have Mark’s beloved office chair, which supports your back properly and has levels that you can work from, depending on your height. 
Working from your own home will mean that you do need to think about things like posture and comfort, so taking the time to research different solutions is pretty important if your desk is going to be a space that looks nice, but is also comfortable.

Get more from your space

Finally, make sure you look to get the most out of your home office. You don’t have to convert the largest room in your home to ensure you have the space and privacy needed to work effectively. Finding the right cabinets and filing system for your own tasks and space will allow you to keep your office tidy and well-ordered without leaving you struggling for space. For those with very limited floor space, do not overlook the benefits of wall-mounted shelving and quality desk tidies. We have shelves and built-in storage for our desk, so important paperwork isn’t left in reach of a nosey and destructive three year-old. 
You can see our desk tour, if you’d like some more inspiration. I absolutely love sitting here and getting stuff done!  
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