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Bathtime, Bill & Feeling Nostalgic #ad

While it’s not my favourite thing in the world, I have a bit of a fondness for the routine that comes with bath and bedtime. When I’m at work, Bill’s always in the back of my mind. And I miss him a lot. So even now, when I’m pregnant, grumpy, sick and tired, I look forward to the moments I get with him during the week.

Ever since I can remember it’s been ‘routine’ for him to have a bath every night. Mainly because he can be filthy by the time the day is out – tonight’s culprit was blue felt tip pen all over his hands. I asked him why: “I just drew on myself at nursery Mama. Because I like to do that.”

Great. Because that stuff’s going to take a couple of baths to remove, son.

On Friday, we finally moved home and Bill was the very first person to use our new bathroom. It’s still not quite complete – we don’t have flooring down and I’m still trying to work out what colour to paint it – but it really did make me smile.

I was just imagining two babies in there in the future. Bill helping with his brother or sister’s first bath. Wrapping them both up in fluffy towels with bear ears.

We were sent some products from Johnson’s® recently. Which was nice because it was there, parcelled up, when we finally moved back home. It was also extra nice as I had completely run out of everything I needed for bath time, which meant that they saved me a pre-bathtime shop trip too. Amen.

I knelt beside the clean, white tub and tried to work out how to use our new taps, swilling a little of the Johnson’s® Baby Top-to-Toe® Baby Bath under the stream of water, watching the bubbles start to appear. It’s nice and mild and I know it won’t aggravate Bill’s sensitive skin.

Since Bill was little I’ve used Johnson’s products – in fact, I remember stocking up on them with a huge bump. Everything from bedtime bath, baby shampoo and even talcum powder. The scent, for me, is just ‘baby’. It reminds me of baby brothers, baby cousins, and babies of my own. Plus, the baby shampoo is great for your makeup brushes, if you were wondering!

I spent a good half hour giving Bill a baby massage when he was tiny. Using either the lotion or  Johnson’s® Baby Oil. He’d wriggle around and gurgle on his towel, enjoying naked time and smiling up at me. I started to do it to keep his skin moist and then I read up on how much it’s supposed to calm baby before bedtime, and I suppose it stuck.

I still moisturise Bill today. Partly out of habit, and partly because I like to look after that baby-pink skin, even though he’s three. Baby oil creates a light protective barrier on the skin and locks in more than double the moisture than baby lotion, so is ideal for routine baby massage.

Sure, he doesn’t stay still for as long anymore. He isn’t as small. He doesn’t always smile up at me, too distracted by which book he’ll pick to read that night. But when he snuggles into my arms, in clean pyjamas, smelling of that ‘baby smell’, I’m reminded that he is still my baby, no matter how big he gets, and I’m excited to do this all over again with his sibling who is on the way.

Because, really, these little moments are what makes parenthood so special.

Even when they are like slippery eels after baby oil, which can make pyjamas somewhat of a mission sometimes.


Disclosure:  Compensation was provided by JOHNSON’S® via Mode Media. Free product was provided by JOHNSON’S® brand for this sponsored post. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions or positions of JOHNSON’S®  brand.

JOHNSON’S® understands that babies skin is so delicate it needs extra special and gentle care. That’s why, for almost 120 years, JOHNSON’S® has been helping parents take the best care for their babies’ skin. JOHNSON’S® brand believes that giving your baby a massage after bath means for more smiles, more eye contact and more gurgles. That’s because your touch creates sensations that stimulate baby’s brain. So massaging with JOHNSON’S® baby oil after bath time doesn’t just moisturise and protect baby’s delicate skin, it can also help support happy, healthy baby development. Discover more at

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  • Reply
    Christina Crouch
    23rd October 2015 at 2:00 pm

    Oooo! You have my bath taps! Except we have the spouty bit the other way up so its like a waterfall.
    Love the tiles.

  • Reply
    lucy at dear beautiful
    25th October 2015 at 7:47 am

    The whole bath-massage-story-bed is one of my favourite parts of a day. And that Johnsons smell… you can't beat it can you? Nothing screams baby like that smell.
    Gorgeous photos of your gorgeous boy Charlotte (and your gorgeous new bathroom!) x

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