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Hot Bacon & Tomato Salad

At this time of year, it’s supposed to be sunny, and when it is, the last thing I want it stodgy stuff. Which is an added benefit as then I’m technically more likely to lose a few pounds too. And yes, yes, I know that a bikini body is a body in a bikini, but I would like this body to be a bit less wobbly please.
While this salad is not OMG-healthy, it’s still lovely and fresh and you can add or takeaway ingredients – like the croutons – as you please. 
I made this quickly after work one day, with leftovers and we all enjoyed it. Enough to post on here.
So. Enough of me rambling.


Bacon – streaky is best, smoked or unsmoked on preference. Two to three slices per person.
A handful of rocket per person.
A big handful of ripe tomatoes per person. I had a selection of yellow and red ones – good quality toms make this dish a winner.
A few stems of asparagus per person.
Four new potatoes, per person, chopped and boiled.
Stale bread, cut into chunks.
Apple cider vinegar. 
Salt and pepper.


Pop your bacon on to cook in a pan. Yes a pan. You’ll need it trust me. 
Pop your spuds into boiling salted water (use a kettle – it helps speed everything up) and leave to cook away.
Chop your tomatoes.  
When your bacon is done, set aside on some kitchen roll, and add your chunks of bread to the leftover fat with some seasoning. Let them catch and then pop on a plate to one side. 
Add your asparagus to the pan with your spuds, when the spuds are nearly done, just to blanche through. 
When everything is ready, drain your spuds and asparagus. And add a splash of vinegar to the pan that you cooked your bacon and croutons in, just to pick up the flavour and cut through the bacon. 
Start to build up the salad. 
Add your rocket to a wide dish and tumble the toms on top. Along with spuds, and a few croutons. Then the asparagus, then bacon, followed by a drizzle of the vinegar mixture.
And that’s it!

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  • Reply
    Claire Toplis
    22nd July 2015 at 7:52 am

    great recipe x

  • Reply
    22nd July 2015 at 9:04 am

    Oo this looks delicious! Might have to give it a go this week 🙂

  • Reply
    Kim Carberry
    22nd July 2015 at 6:04 pm

    I will be giving this a try next week! It sounds & looks so good x

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