Desert Island List

When I was a teenager, I played this game a lot with my friends. And it’s such an ice-breaker, even now. But when you get a person to choose just three things to have with them on a desert island, you do get a good sense of who they are as a person.

More Than Home Insurance have asked me what three things I would take from my home (getting specific!) to a desert island, so, in the spirit of fun, I thought, why not.

Assuming I could already have Mark and Bill, there, this would make the situation much easier for me. If I think in what I truly need in life, then I’d be taking Mark, Bill and the two cats (I’ve decided that, as they are small) they count as 0.5 of a ‘thing’ each.

But say we were all stranded, what would I take?

A Toy Box

Cheating maybe, but it’s an item that serves a purpose. If my son was with me, I’d want him to be happy, the box would have to include Teddy, Dale Duck, Ducky and Joshua (he’s a dog – my kid chooses odd names) and a lot of animals and books.

A desert island would give me unlimited time to play. No need for chores, or rushing off to work. So I’d want to spend my time making him smile.

My Camera

I would take my camera so that I can leave our legacy, or create memories to revisit should we ever get rescued. I’d obviously prefer to call them memories, but it would be nice to capture special moments – because I really do believe that you can make the best of any situation in good company.

The last item is a hard one – would I take a pad and paper so I could continue to write? Or would that be selfish? Would I take a phone even though signal would be unlikely and it feels like a ‘clever’ answer? Would I take food? But we would we be limited to one thing?

I chose…

Our Bed

I know it sounds silly, but all three of us have cosied up in that big bed. We were awake until 3:00am only the other night with a little boy who had a fever, and even though it was hard, it was nice being there, snuggled up, together.

I’d like to be able to stroke Bill’s hair back from his forehead and watch him drift off to sleep in a comfy place that smells of home, feels of home, and reminds him of home. I want him to feel safe, and warm, and content.

It’s actually really hard to even consider what you would take. And I just hope that it never happens. Beaches are nice, but only when you can find your way home eh?

*PR Collaboration.

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