The One With The Date Night

Date nights. 
It’s probably a bit of a cringe concept, but I think they are pretty necessary when it comes to relationships. Especially when you have little ones.
Mark and I started a relationship when I already had Bill, which meant time for just us two was rare. And it’s so necessary, because the way you are as mama and step-dad is completely different to when you’re alone together. 
We had to beg, borrow and steal ‘us time’ in the past, but now everything had fallen into place, we tend to feel quite content curled up on the sofa together watching True Detective, or, if I have my way, One Born. 
But it’s so easy to get distracted by that glowing, buzzing block that is my iPhone. Mark will check the football scores, or end up chatting boxing with his mates. I’ll end up on Instagram (my weakness) or reading blogs. And before we know it, it’s bedtime and we’ve kind of wasted an evening. 
Recently, I was asked if I would like to be involved in a bit of a ‘date night challenge’, except, the challenge wasn’t for me, it was for Mark. 
I asked him and we said yes, and it just so happened to be perfectly timed with our mortgage completing, so we definitely had something to celebrate.
Mark was sent a hamper, and inside were lots of treats, and a bit of an itinerary. 
I just had to sit back and relax. 

We got Bill to bed and then I was banished to the living room, with promises not to peek. A few minutes passed and then I was dragged upstairs (calm yourselves) to the bathroom, where a candle was lit (the Wax Lyrical one above) and a bubble bath was run. 
I was invited to just relax. And, with a kiss and the close of the door, he was gone. 
I never get to have a bath these days. Every time I fancy it, the hot water is all used up, or I have things that need doing. So to lie in a bath, that I didn’t even have to run, and relax, was so lovely. About half an hour later, I heard a knock at the door and a head pop round. I was free to come downstairs if I wanted to. 
So I ended up pulling on my favourite pyjamas and padding down to the smell of something good. 
On the table was an Indian feast. He’d gone to our favourite local Indian takeaway and bought all of my favourite things. I had a glass of Prosecco to wash it all down with to. 
And it was so nice to sit at the table, rather than on the sofa with plates on our laps like we usually do if we eat once Bill is asleep. 
Next up, once we were absolutely stuffed, Mark revealed that there was a DVD in the hamper. 
One guess.
The Notebook.
We decided not to watch it, only because it’s (cheese alert) kind of a special film for us, because we got talking because of our mutual love of Ryan Gosling. And we don’t want to ruin the film by over-watching it. Little bit of trivia here for you – we once watched it together but from separate houses in the early days. Even pausing it when one of us needed a drink. I know, I know, it’s vomit-inducing, but we’re a right soppy pair. 
In the end, we ended up chatting on the sofa, eating chocolates and drinking wine. 
We also pulled out the book below, which was part of our package, and ended up howling with laughter in bed. It’s called ‘Sweet Nothings & Pillow Talk’ but it must be a joke because some of the one-liners in there were hilarious. We ended up reading them aloud to each other in silly voices and it was probably one of the funniest moment we’d had in a while. 

Ultimately, the date hamper was a really lovely idea. It was nice to force ourselves out of our normal routine and appreciate each other. Though, I have to add a note and say Mark doesn’t really need all of that.
This is the guy that surprised me, by waiting for me on my train’s platform the day before he was due to go away for a week, and I thought I wouldn’t see him as he’d been ill. Seeing him standing there was the most amazing feeling. I’ve never been swept off my feet before like that.
Thank you to Jacamo for our hamper, as part of the ‘Let Your Shoes Do the Talking‘ campaign, helping men get off on the right foot! 

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