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Wallets for Mamas

I know that, when you become a mum, it’s all about the changing bag. You can see my ‘what’s in my changing bag’ video if you wonder what one I use and what I carried around when William was a baby.

But, now I have a toddler, it’s not as necessary. I love a good ‘mum bag’ and even a good wallet. I have a big wallet, as I like to have something that is easy to grab and stores all of my cards easily. But, as well as looking lovely and being practical for money, stylish wallets for moms should have some features that address our specific needs.

A wristlet is a type of wallet designed to be worn around the wrist with an attached lanyard as well as carried in the hand, making it an excellent choice for moms who have continuous demands on their attention. 2015’s spring and summer collections from Coach employ this design element extensively and the profile is expected to be popular this year, making it easy to find an unforgettable piece you actually won’t forget.

Smartphone Wallet
As the name suggests, these wallets contain a slot for a smartphone as well as dedicated space to organize cash, cards and other items. I saw a lady using one of these on the train this week and I thought it was a pretty decent idea – especially when we can’t be without our phones. A smartphone wallet combines all of our most valuable items in a single secure location, leaving more space in a larger bag for supplies such as food, clothing and even milk for the baby. One less thing to grab if you leave the house too!

Photo Wallet
New moms love showing off pictures of their newborns, and a photo wallet gives them plenty of space to do it. These wallets are designed with a series of clear plastic holders for display of photos, allowing us to keep our precious memories close at hand as well as ensure the photos are protected from the elements.

Women’s wallets can be made of an array of exotic materials such as suede, exotic skins, or even fur, but these delicate pieces can be a disaster in waiting when kept in close quarters with a very small child for extended periods. For this reason, it’s worthwhile considering more sustainable materials, such as synthetic skin or a washable fabric. These wallets are lower-maintenance pieces, and the range of options offered with each allows practically anyone to find one to suit their style.

What type do you have?

Mine has every card imaginable, tons of receipts, Bill’s footprint and probably a lot of rubbish in it too!

*PR Collaboration.

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    Donna Wishart
    27th March 2015 at 9:38 pm

    I have a fairly big cards, receipts, cash, coins type wallet with space for photos 🙂 It's from Cath Kidston and I love it x

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