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Pale Pink & Grey Bedroom

Because planning isn’t as fun as decorating and finishing touches, I may have let my mind wander a tad and I’ve started creating mood boards for the various rooms in our house that we’re hoping to either renovate or redecorate.

Our bedroom won’t witness any structural change, but I am absolutely gagging to have it done. While I can dress it up and shoot at ‘good angles’ our bedroom is really quite…drab (I want to say horrible but that’s immature of me).

The carpet is a dirty pink, and has a floral print, and is covered in marks from the previous owner (shudders). We have mismatching floral curtains and wood chip wallpaper all over the walls. And it’s painted in what seems like a very tired white shade.

I feel like there’s too much furniture in the room and it’s all very cramped and uncomfortable, sometimes, especially in the morning where there are three of us crammed in there trying to get ready, along with a random cat or two.

The bedroom is pretty average in size, but considering it’s mainly used for sleep, that doesn’t bother us too much, but it does mean that we need to be careful about the colour we choose to paint the walls. It also sadly means that I can’t get a bigger bed, like these lovely king-size beds from Carpetright. I could get a carpet and a bed at the same time – win.

I am obsessed with whites and greys at the moment. I feel like this whole house will benefit from bright, white walls and lots of soft touches, and splashes of colour. I started, as you can see on my Pinterest board, focusing on white and grey, but it felt a little too stark. Then I found an image on the H&M website, which has now disappeared, which showed a bedroom with whites, greys, neutrals and the softest pale pink.

I think the combination of these colours stops it from being too ‘feminine’ and Mark’s happy with my choices too. I’ve already bought the basket and blanket (both from H&M) as you might have seen in my home haul, and I can’t wait to see them in the finished room. But, for now, they’ll be stored away.

What do you think? I’m going to do a few posts like this as I love seeing interiors posts and maybe they will inspire you too!

*PR Collaboration.

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    Collette R
    19th February 2015 at 10:12 pm

    This looks gorgeous! I love the colours you've chosen, I can't wait to see pics when it's done. I especially like the throw and rug, I'm planning on making my own for when I'm next redecorating. It might work out more expensive, but a room isn't complete without a handmade touch or two.

    I'll be watching all your decor posts for inspiration like a hawk even more now, I got a tip off that I might not be waiting as long as I'd expected for a house now. I can't wait to stop renting and be able to put my stamp on a house!


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    Donna Wishart
    19th February 2015 at 10:32 pm

    Oh we have a grey bedroom with some bright accents but never thought to use pink, it makes the grey so feminine x

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