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I think any parent, regardless of what they do day-to-day, actually having time to sit down with your little one is priceless. I spend a lot of my evenings and weekends rushing around and trying to cram things in to a small space of time, and that is part of being a parent. Children don’t just need your love. They need clean clothes and good food in their bellies, and a mother, in this case, who can afford to do that.

But my goodness, the times that we spend curled up together are so priceless. The smell of his fluffy hair, and his small hand clutching mine, and the grin he gives me. It’s these moments that I wish I could pause. Especially as he’s not got time to sit still, when he’s too busy discovering the world around him.

But, as his attention span grows, we’ve taken to watching a few movies together. And it’s blissful.

I love showing him the Disney classics from my childhood. We’ve managed a few already. And I also love experiencing a new films together – Frozen I’m looking at you.

And while we have a few to our collection now, sometimes, when it comes to grabbing the moment, I turn to Netflix, which I’ve had for a good few years now. While I use it for the shows I love – like Orange is the New Black – it’s come in pretty handy for William too.

So today, with the house quiet, the weather undecided, with beams of sunshine and angry rain, we curled up on the sofa, with a blanket, and a bowl of freshly-made popcorn, which we listened for as it popped in the microwave, and watched Tangled.

And he hogged the bowl of popcorn (Cinema Sweet if you were wondering) and he’d decided that he didn’t need to wear a top that afternoon. And while he hopped from my lap to the television and back again, it was so nice to spend time watching him, watching Tangled.

I love the way he shouts at the screen when a particularly emotive part comes on. This is very much his thing – he’s an animated watcher, just like I am. I love how his big, blue eyes widen and focus. I love how he develops a bit of a gormless look as he becomes fixated on a storyline. Or how he points out animals, or belly laughs at bits that I found mildly amusing at most.

He’s something I could watch all day.

*I’m paired up with Netflix through Mumsnet Bloggers.

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    Helena Terry
    18th August 2014 at 11:05 am

    I love tangled! It's my favourite ever disney film:) Mulan is another one of my favourites, the songs are just the best

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