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Homemade Nando’s Macho Peas

Nando’s is one of life’s great simple treats for me. I like chicken. I like spice. I like halloumi. I like rice. I like potato. The list goes on.

But I really do bloody like peas, with mint and chilli and bags of flavour.

And Nando’s Macho Peas are like heaven on a plate for me.

I order them every time I go and I’m never disappointed.

But there are two problems with Macho Peas.

1) I am a single mum and therefore do not have all of the dollar to spend on Nando’s.
2) I am a single mum and therefore do not have the ability to frequent Nando’s every day as much as I’d like.

So I make ’em myself.


This is one of those ‘make to suit you things’ so let’s just be basic:

Peas – frozen is easiest. Pod them yourself or what have you but I’d rather watch TOWIE.
Finely chopped chilli.
Finely chopped fresh mint.
A knob of butter.
Salt and pepper to taste.


Cook your peas in a little salted water – we all like them a bit differently, but don’t overcook or we’ll be having spicy mushy peas at this rate. I like to cook mine till they are tender, with a sweet pop, and still retain their lovely colour.

Once drained, add the butter, and then chilli and mint a little at a time, and mash with a fork or potato masher (is that what that is called?). You want a textured pea mixture, not mash, or sludge. So leave some peas whole and some crushed. Taste, add more chilli and mint if you like. And then season with salt and pepper, until they come alive in your mouth (oo-er).

Serve with some homemade Nando’s-style chicken and mash, or chips, or rice, or whatever you like.

They are your Macho Peas after all.

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