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My Spring Mumiform Tips

I think it’s normal, post break-up, to want to reinvent yourself a little bit. I certainly have done. I dyed my hair this weekend, I’ve gone through my wardrobe, and I’ve made more of an effort with healthy eating and drinking more water. I’m getting there. Slowly. 
But I really just want to win the lottery and go shopping. I really do. 
I’ve been reading so much lately about Spring wardrobe makeovers, accessorising and trending
designs, especially thanks to London Fashion Week. The following seven suggestions provide quick and easy ways to change
your look from drab to fab. And I’m really following them to a tee…
– Mix and Match:

with the basics, select a foundation piece… a skirt, dress, top, or suit, then
go ahead and mix and match. The latest trends encourage mixing patterns (once
taboo) to create some stunning combinations. A navy and white polka-dot shirt, mixed
with a navy/white pin-striped bag, can provide a striking combination.  Popular tribal prints look great when
tempered with solid-colours. Experiment with various looks, and enjoy the
– Accessorise with Style:

One of
the best ways to avoid monotony is to add accessories. Now is the ideal time to
purchase some lively new pieces. Whatever your budget, accessories are a must!
From shoe-store to the latest diamond styles at Michael
, there are so many beautiful
possibilities. Gorgeous jewellery, designer handbags, fabulous shoes, belts,
and fun scarves will change-up any outfit instantly, providing a look that’s
fresh and unique! 
– Add Interesting Textures:
jackets, silk blouses, faux fur, and imitation leather are just a few of the
great trending materials that combine to create exciting fashion statements.
Your favourite nubby sweater worn over a corduroy skirt is just one of the
countless ways to build impressive combinations.  Weekday outfits, and evening wear, can be
changed up beautifully with these subtle, or intense, groupings.

– Choose Dramatic Colours:
colour combinations include everything from turquoise/silver necklaces worn
with coral silk, to black slacks and plum-coloured sweaters.  Trending colours add pizazz to otherwise drab
outfits, without overwhelming the look. The ideal way to enhance your wardrobe
is to complement the basics with items like bright cardigans, jewellery, and

– New Makeup and Lip Gloss:
Examine your
make-up bag; chances are it’s time to clear out old cosmetics and replace them
with current shades and newer brands. Lip glosses and lipsticks can provide a
revamped look, accentuating your mouth and producing a polished focal point,
sophisticated yet subtle.

– Braids and Ponytails:
Low ponytails
and braids make fashionable style statements well-suited to this season’s trends.
Simple to do, braids look elaborate and help to pull many different outfits
together. A successful business look, where the ponytail is pulled away from
the face, can be accented with large hoop earrings to form a polished look that
highlights one’s features beautifully.

–Have Fun!

As we
move into a new season, this is the ideal time to make some wardrobe changes. If
you’re looking for effortless ways to go from drab to fab, the possibilities
are limitless. Decide on styles, fabrics, colours, and looks that are right for
you, then mix, match, and experiment. And, above all else…have fun!

*PR Collaboration.

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    24th February 2014 at 9:21 am

    Love this list, I am all about the accessories, oh how I miss my long hair for plaits

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    31st October 2020 at 8:26 am

    I appreciate this post and beautifully written. Will visit you blog on regular basis. Please read my post

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