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Homemade Raspberry Gin

It’s going to be December on Sunday, which means it may as well be Christmas now in my opinion. I am such a little Christmas fanatic and this is actually, at the grand, old age of 25, the first Christmas I will ever have hosted!

I’m not too daunted by the fact, because I’ve always helped my mum out and cooking is one of my few talents, but the best part, for me, is the fact that I can customise things and make them my own. A special breakfast, Bucks Fizz, a Christmas puzzle, and homemade raspberry gin.

It was Hannah who first alerted me to this magnificent invention – you can see her post here – but I didn’t have much time to create this concoction, so I decided to do some extra research of my own, to see if I could magic something up myself.

I found Jared Brown’s recipe for raspberry gin and, as a historian and distiller, I took him extra seriously. Though can you call it a recipe?

You need two things, and two weeks…


A good bottle of gin – I chose Gordon’s as Tesco has a good festive deal on booze at the moment.
A punnet of raspberries.
You need to sterilise your container – whether a jar or a stopper bottle like me (mine was from IKEA). 
And you’ll need a funnel to pour every last drop of gin in the right place (not your mouth though, not yet).


Sterilise your container (get that kettle on) and fill it with raspberries. Carefully use your funnel to pour the gin over them. Label and store in a dark place for two weeks.
Jared recommends two weeks as this is a quick infusion and it prevents the gin taking on any of the taste from the spent berries as time goes on. Don’t shake, or turn over, let the two ingredients do their work. After two weeks, strain the berries – I’ll be pouring into another sterilised bottle, and serve, however you like to mix it, in the run up to Christmas and beyond…though that depends how quick you drink.

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    Hurrah For Gin
    25th November 2013 at 10:02 pm


  • Reply
    Hannah Ruth
    26th November 2013 at 10:35 pm

    Thanks for the mention my dear. We've already 'tested' ours and I can confirm it's delicious 🙂
    Hannah x

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    Kiran at Mummy Says
    27th November 2013 at 8:33 am

    This looks amazing. Looks like I'll be adding raspberries and bottles to the shopping list. I might make little ones and give as gifts to a few friends I know would love this. Thank you! X

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