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Dear William – 17 Months

Dear Billy,

Every time I come to write these letters to you, I’m reminded of how much I miss doing it. I feel like I get the time to write some special words to you – words that you will one day get to read and take in, words that you don’t yet understand, or are too full of toddler excitement to hang around and listen to.

You are so grown up now, at 17 months. I mean, of course you are. You’re almost a year and-a-half old. You’re no longer toddling, but running and jumping and climbing and exploring.

I remember how it felt to hold you as that tiny, warm newborn, when life felt like it couldn’t get any better. I couldn’t imagine you as a month old, let along a year. I never found toddlers that appealing before I had you, but now I appreciate why parents are so proud of their children. When you baby starts to interact with you and accomplish new things every day, you really marvel at how quickly humans develop. You appreciate individual wit and personality. You learn what makes someone tick and you make note of likes and dislikes.

I adore your personality. You are so bubbly and fun and friendly. Your Granny and Po say that you remind them so much of me when I was little and that makes me smile – and feel a little proud too! You are going to be one of those people who make things happen, I think. You seem to have a knack at making the best of a situation and you don’t let much trouble you. Like nursery – you have never cried when we’ve left you there, even when you haven’t been well thanks to teething. You open your arms up for the nice girl who looks after you and you wave goodbye to Mummy and Daddy with a smile. You have quite the reputation there – “Oh he’s just no trouble at all.” “Good as gold.” “Such a sweet little boy.” You have a knack at being cheeky enough to make people smile, but knowing that cheeky soon turns to naughty, if you aren’t careful.

As for you and your personal development, you are starting to really communicate with us properly now. Okay, so sometimes we can’t fully understand what you are saying, but most of the time we can – and it’s lovely. You’ve also started singing a lot. You recognise a tune really well and you seem to have a knack for it, just like me! You made up your own special song the other week – “Flower, flower, yeah, yeah, yeah!” And you sing it repeatedly. It’s so funny.

I am absolutely head over heels in love with you little boy. I’m certain, in life, you are all I need.

Love you.


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  • Reply
    21st November 2013 at 4:48 pm

    Aww bless! He's getting so big, and such a beautiful smile!

  • Reply
    Hurrah For Gin
    21st November 2013 at 10:52 pm

    Ahh he sounds like a proper dude. Very cute too 🙂 x

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