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Handling an adventurous boy

I don’t know if it’s a boy thing but it really is true what they say about slugs and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails. He’s going to be one of those boys who climbs a tree and scrapes his knee, but just dusts himself off and keeps on climbing. I just know it. And I anticipate many an hour in A&E as he grows up. He’s just that sort.

He throws himself into everything. He’ll happily climb a sofa, or rearrange a pile of toys to use as a ladder to reach something up high. The other day – and I don’t know how he did it – he walked towards me with a pint of juice that I’d left on our fireplace. I’d turned to put a toy back in his toy box and there he was grinning and having a “jink”.

There have been so many times where I have come home to find a fresh bump on his head, because he’ll have been playing innocently and then the next minute he’s trying to climb the walls. He’s hard work and we’ve had to think about baby-proofing.

Much to my family’s dismay, I’m quite relaxed when it comes to William’s independence. I’ll always keep Max separate – even before he nipped William – as I like William to be free to explore and learn. I want him to know that he shouldn’t go upstairs or open cupboards. Maybe that’s me being hopeful, but I do think it’s working with him.

But I do have a few things in place that make sure that William stays safe, even in our building site of a house:

  1. Move the sharp and dangerous things. It sounds obvious, but babies are like magpies and William will do anything he can to reach what he wants. I’ve had to move a few ornaments and my stash of matches for my lovely candles as he sought them out very quickly.
  2. Get a baby gate or two. We have just the one that divides our hallway from our kitchen and conservatory. This is mainly to give Max some time out and stop William raiding our kitchen cupboards for egg cups and pans. 
  3. Teach. I know it sounds silly as William is only 14 months but he understands so much already and I’m quite able to explain things to him and he understands. He’s not always happy to be told no, but he’ll stop. He’ll probably have a paddy as well, but it’s all part of toddlerdom, as I’m learning far too quickly. 
  4. Get some socket covers. It must be the age that they are growing up in but William is obsessed with technology and often runs to the nearest plug socket to pull out whatever is plugged in. You wouldn’t believe the obsession he had with our Glade Plug-in. We’ve got socket covers (the ones from Mothercare are good) dotted around the house just in case he gets there too quickly. Electricity is no laughing matter.
  5. Get a First Aid Kit. We have the St John Ambulance First Aid Kit that Stephen brought during his lifeguard training. He’s also trained in CPR and First Aid, which I think is hugely important as a parent and certainly puts me at ease. The silliest thing like a plaster could keep a cut safe and clean while you work out whether a trip to A&E is needed. A lot of kits like this come with guides about what to do in the event of a certain accident – such as some head injury resources, or what to do with a suspected sprain. I’m always checking our kit is stocked up as I have a feeling that I will be using it a lot in the future.
I also want to add that, as much as I adore my dog, I am struggling daily with the guilt of “what if?” What if Max wasn’t usually a genuinely nice dog and could have caused William irreparable damage? What if it was far worse? What if neither of them were here at all?
So, if you do have pets, as much as the scene of your babies cuddled up together is heart-meltingly wonderful (trust me I know), please don’t trust your pets with your children. Out of respect to your pet as much as the safety of your child. 
I wouldn’t wish my situation on anyone. And I wish I could turn back time. But then, perhaps it’s for the best that I can keep them both happy in the future. Just sadly apart. 
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    Eilidh T
    31st August 2013 at 9:20 am

    Aiden is mental too. They'll drive us crazy, our boys! Aiden is currently bashing his face off of the couch (why????). I'm quite relaxed about aiden as well, how else are they going to learn?!! Can't wrap our babies in cotton wool! Xo

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