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Men get insecure too?

Men get insecure too
I was having a chat with Stephen last night about the fact
that I feel fat and horrible. He assures me that I’m not fat and horrible at
all, but I don’t generally believe him. We women are like that. But also, how I
do I believe someone who always looks great? He’s not got a smidgen of fat on
him. The lucky thing.
He hates how insecure I am about myself and gets visibly
frustrated when I put myself down. He doesn’t like to see me lose my confidence
and he thinks I’m beautiful – at least, that’s what he told me.
We started talking about plastic surgery and whether we’d
have any done. I’d quite like to have a full-body liposuction session, and
maybe have Angelina Jolie’s face attached to mine, which Stephen found
hilarious. But what would he have? He said that he’s quite happy how he is, but
wishes he had bigger legs. Men!
Though he did mention that he knows a few blokes, either
fellow dads, the guys at work, or friends, who would definitely change the way
they look.
It seems that there’s been a bit of a cultural shift among
our male friends. No longer will a shave, shower and a quick change of clothes
do for them. In fact, I’ve caught Stephen, many a time, selecting carefully
from my collection of lotions and potions.
Now more than ever, it seems that many guys take immense
pride in their appearance. They’re almost as likely as women to consider
visiting a tanning salon, even in winter! I had a colleague who was
perma-tanned all year round. Made my naturally olive-toned skin looked pasty.
Some of them even consider having Botox to try and fight the ageing process,
which may suggest that guys are becoming progressively vainer, but could this
gradual change have hidden consequences?
Tanning terror?

Tanning does seem a little over the top, especially when
it’s been grey and drizzly outside, but it seems to be all the rage. The
number of men visiting salons in the UK has gone up by two-thirds
which suggests that many have been watching too much TOWIE! Mark Wright I’m
looking at you! Tanning might seem cool, but it might be a tad on the risky
A survey conducted across the country revealed that one in
five men suffered injuries from UV tanning, while 16% claimed that they were
hurt during spray tanning. Although I’m not sure either option is the right
one, especially when you consider the Friends’ episode where Ross gets a spray
tan. Perhaps going on holiday to get a tan is worth the extra expense! In terms
of looking good as a whole, the same survey revealed that men account for over half
of beauty related injuries
Going under the
knife? Think again…

It might seem like the preserve of Hollywood actors and
desperate daytime TV hosts, but it seems that more
and more men are considering going under the knife
in order to look good.
It might boost self-esteem, but it’s not the most risk-free way to improving
their appearance, is it? The survey found that all Botox-related injuries
affected men, which came as a shock to the system.
In terms of cosmetic surgery, three out of four injuries
recorded affected male patients. It might be for anything from ironing out
wrinkles to liposuction, but surely there are better, cheaper and less
ridiculous alternatives to plastic surgery? Maybe using moisturiser or going to
the gym a few times a week might make them feel better about how they look?

It made me understand how hard it must be for Stephen to see me hate my body so
much, as I would hate him to feel like he has to resort to Botox and surgery
just to feel good. I think I need to keep up with my healthy eating immediately
– pass me a banana.

*Guest post. Read my full disclaimer here.

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    Charlotte Taylor
    1st August 2013 at 9:22 am

    Just testing that Disqus comments are working! Ignore me!

  • Reply
    1st August 2013 at 9:56 am

    Whilst Gary would never have surgery, he DOES take longer than me to get ready and will ask me about a thousand times if his hair is alright…then shove a beanie hat on. O_o" and then ask if the SLIVER OF HAIR that's on show is ok. Honestly, I ask you! And I know my brother has been known to frequent a tanning booth (much to mine and my sisters amusement). Men definitely are getting more vain! Xo

  • Reply
    Arrius lion
    23rd December 2020 at 8:09 am

    Men get insecure too?
    Off Couse I get insecure some time. why people thinks they don’t get insecure

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