Cake Smash Tips

We absolutely loved doing William’s cake smash, and the photos are brilliant and will be something to look back on as he grows up. But it wasn’t easy getting it right, so here are my tips:

  • Before you do anything run a hot bath – by the time you are done it will be perfect temperature to plonk a frosting-covered, crumb-adorned baby into.
  • Buy a cheap white sheet or plastic/thick paper tablecloth to use as a back-drop. Not only does this look better, but it keeps things clean and tidy and you can just bundle the mess up and plonk it in the bin. We bought a striped tablecloth from Waitrose for a few pounds and it was perfect.
  • Try and plan this during the day. I had a small window of opportunity between work and birthday parties, so I had to do mine early on Friday evening. The lighting wasn’t brilliant, but luckily we chose the conservatory to do it in, which was the best of a bad bunch of rooms.
  • Feed your baby first – give them breakfast/lunch/dinner so that they don’t fill up on a cake. Just skip dessert! 
  • Charge your camera and clear your memory – you don’t want anything to make you miss out on that perfect shot.
  • Have someone with you to manage your little one so you can focus on taking photographs. Granny helped us and she was great at making William smile and giggle.
  • If your photographs are a little lacking due to light or exposure, get on It’s brilliant for photo editing and it’s free.
  • If you want to bake your cake, I can definitely recommend this giant cupcake mould from Amazon. You just need a packet of cake mix and some eggs and decoration. Just make sure you let your cake fully cool before icing. For at least an hour or so.
  • If you are baking your cake, save yourself the hassle and buy some ready-made icing. It saved this mum’s life!
  • If you buy a cake, pick one that has a nice dimension and photographs well. Brown probably isn’t the best colour for photographs, for obvious reasons, even if you do love chocolate! 

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  • Reply
    Sugar Spun Sisters
    19th June 2013 at 12:10 pm

    Dying at the last tip Char! Hahaha, not so much a smash party as a scat party…?

    Eve xxx

  • Reply
    Rebecca Phillips
    20th June 2013 at 8:46 pm

    Thanks for the tips – I'm wanting to do a cake smash with my son in a few months! x

  • Reply
    Alex {Bump to Baby}
    21st June 2013 at 3:56 pm

    Thanks for the tips, I intend to do this when Ethans 1st birthday rolls around
    Bump to Baby

  • Reply
    Messed Up Mum
    6th May 2014 at 4:46 pm

    Thank u for the tips! My little boy is 1 later this month and we can't wait to do this, the tips will help us make it an enjoyable activity for all hopefully! Xx

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