Same difference

You know how not one person is the same? We don’t look the same. We don’t act the same. We don’t speak the same way. We don’t like the same things. We are different.

Take my mum and my auntie. They are twins. Identical in fact. Well, they were when they were tiny, but a person’s choices impact how they appear over time. It impacts who they are over time. My Mum has honey-brown locks, hates makeup, loves dogs, gardening and generally being outside. Julie likes makeup, has blonde hair, wears glasses sometimes, also loves dogs and gardening. There are similarities but there are differences too.

Take me. Yes, me. 

I’m a 23 year-old, 5″6, size 16/14 (most popular first) Aquarius. I am hourglass shaped, with green eyes, brunette hair that has a tendency to embrace its copper tones. I have size seven feet. I’m aware that makes them huge. I don’t like fish but I do like carbs. Racism and rudeness make me see red. I don’t like being cold, but I don’t like having hot feet. I would wear flip flops all the time if I could. If you bully someone I don’t like you by proxy. I’m attracted to tall, dark and handsome men. Blonde men, not so much. I love music, but not heavy metal or depressing songs. I find indie music a bit samey. I like musicals. I sing all the time. But oddly not in the shower. I like most things in the shade of pink. I tend to hit octaves only dogs can hear when I talk sometimes. I’m insecure. If you’re beautiful you probably intimidate me. I have an obsession with cleaning and tidying. I like organisation. If you’re messy, would you please tidy up? I love coffee, hate tea. I’m very honest, but not opinionated with it, I just like to have my say, but I don’t mind if you disagree. I do mind if you try and force your opinion on me though. Sod off. I’m a big family girl. I love my friends, but I don’t have many I can actually call ‘friends’ – as in, not that girl you met on holiday and knew for a week when you were 14. You don’t tend to have many chances with me – one strike and you’re out. I don’t get jokes of the creative variety. I do get sarcasm. Am very sarcastic. I make myself laugh more than anyone else, but I don’t consider myself to be funny in general. I love to read. I love to write. I’m very competitive. But hardworking too. I’m an optimist. My glass is always half full, if not full. I love white, rose, and red wine, in that order. I love lager. I don’t like sweet alcoholic drinks too much. Southern Comfort makes me want to puke up a bit and then pour the remainder of my glass into a plant pot. I love Jack Daniels, the drink, I don’t know a man named Jack Daniels. Romantic comedies are my thing. I will watch anything though. But not football. This is boring. Even though I supposedly support Liverpool and Manchester United. Yes, both. I’m a dog person, but I love cats. I love most animals, but not snakes or sharks or anything that might bite me. I get more excited over bags than I do shoes. I struggle to walk in heels. There are men that can walk in heels better than I can. I have premature arthritis. This could be why. I was born with a cleft palate and Marshall Stickler Syndrome. You can Google that if you like. Don’t worry, I’m fine though. I love Facebook. I love Twitter. I love blogging. I hate Google+, I don’t get it. I don’t get Lady Gaga either. Lazy people annoy me so much. SO much. I believe in love. I don’t believe in ‘the one.’ My idols are my parents. I want to get married and have a daughter called Ava and a son called William, I think. I love air freshener. I hate the smell of sweaty feet and BO. I don’t imagine anyone likes those smells to be honest. I want to visit Italy desperately. One day I will. I like sleeping. Lots. Exercise doesn’t come naturally to me, but I try really hard. I’m a softie. It’s not hard to make me cry. I’m possibly quite irritating. This is because I am quite loud and possibly over-bubbly. I’m Charlotte Louise Taylor. Nice to meet you.

After reading this, your opinion of me will have changed. You may like me more. You may like me less. Isn’t it funny how that works. The reality is, I’m just the same as I was ten minutes ago. It isn’t intentional. It’s just how we are wired. We can’t help it. Some people can compartmentalise their thoughts and feelings somewhere safe, others HAVE to disagree, openly. I agree, to disagree. Can we stop arguing now please?

This post was inspired by lots of things, but mostly because, I am who I am and I can’t change that. I’m happy in my own skin for the most part. I think we should allow that of people. Don’t you?

Now tell me, who are you?

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  • Reply
    Vintage Sparkle
    26th August 2011 at 5:19 pm

    Love it! Like you more.
    My Mum and Auntie are identical twins too. xx

  • Reply
    26th August 2011 at 5:47 pm

    Love this post 🙂


  • Reply
    27th August 2011 at 5:08 pm

    I'm a 18 year-old, 5"1' size 8/10, Libra. I don't know my shape, grey eyes, hair like yours. I have size 5 feet. I like every food, I eat everything, mostly vegetables and fruit. i LOVE coke, fanta and sprite. i love reading your blog and makeup blogs. I'm am obsessed with makeup. I love to travel. I'm not competitive and not creative. I don't like pets. I don't have many friends, and I'm not social. I'm a shy girl. I don't like alcohol, but I love wine. i'm very insecure. I'm short. People make fun of me. I love hugs and kisses. I hate sports. I don't work out. I don't like people watching me. I love my family. I am single. I always walk looking to the ground. I'm not english, sorry if I made mistakes. Reading english books, magazines and blogs and watching tv shows and youtube videos in english have helped me to learn english.
    And I'm from Italy.

  • Reply
    30th August 2011 at 10:12 am

    Well put Char. Just think how boring the world would be if we all thought the same =]

  • Reply
    30th August 2011 at 10:44 am

    I like you more for this post and we are quite similar. I love carbs too, hate hot feet (I hang them out the bed when sleeping), love red and rose wines, don't have many friends anymore, but I wouldn't change it. I love my life now even if sometimes it does get a bit lonely with no girlies to call 'friends' oh and man I love Indian food! My name is Stacey Alexander haha.

  • Reply
    30th August 2011 at 2:29 pm

    @Vintage Sparkle – Did it confuse you when you were little too? It did me! SO glad you like me more as opposed to despise me! xxx

    @.x.Sarah.x. – Thank you beautiful! xxx

    @MMarti – I loved your comment! Thank you! And just FYI – your english is superb. Don't worry about it. I admire you taking the time to learn two languages. 🙂 xxx

    @karenthekracken – Mate, I love you. Come here more often. Just as you are! xxx

    @Stacey – Hello my love! Carbs are amazing, I'm glad you agree. Hot feet are just URGH. Can't stand it. Makes me feel ill! I like finding things out about people, nice to know who is out there! 🙂 xxx

  • Reply
    Natalie Corner
    31st August 2011 at 8:51 am

    You. Hate. Tea.
    Ha ha ha, lovely post. I also have my children's names picked out even though I'm unlikely to have any until I meet 'the one'… Erin and Beau (and the one HAS to be named Noah) xx

  • Reply
    3rd September 2011 at 11:29 pm

    That bit about supporting Manchester United and Liverpool made me laugh, because my first thought was something along the lines of 'What? Both? Can't do that…' and then came your 'yes, both.'

    Great post, and very relevant (:

  • Reply
    Hannah Rose
    17th July 2012 at 2:56 pm

    Just reading through all your old posts 🙂

    'I want to get married and have a daughter called Ava and a son called William, I think' – how fitting! make me so, so broody.

  • Reply
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