Thursday, 24 April 2014

Ever wonder what I buy in my weekly shop?

I can't think why - but I love watching people's grocery buys, so here's mine!



  1. I love this post, mine would take forever if I videod as have to buy soooo much food xx

  2. I LOVED this!! Lol - a good old nosey neb me!

  3. I'm the exact same, didn't realise you had a YT channel so just subbed :) x

  4. Random note but your eye makeup is gorgeous!
    Interesting video - I'm always curious as to what others buy on their weekly shop!
    I've never tried hummus before - I kind of want to try now! Baby plum toms are my favourite kind of tomatoes - I have two packets in my fridge currently and strong cheddar is my fave too :) xo


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