16 November 2013

William's Entry for the F&F Children's Party Wear Competition

I've been blogging for some time now, and it feels a lot like a part-time job. But with that hard work has come many lovely opportunities, including the latest challenge - the F&F Children's Party Wear Competition.

Florence & Fred has challenged a few parent bloggers to style their little ones with a budget of £50.

 £50 goes a pretty long way, especially when you are 17 months-old... So here is what we picked.

F&F Signature Bow Tie Long Sleeve Shirt - 18-24 months - £13.00
F&F Signature Fair Isle Tank Top - 18-24 months - £11.00
F&F Signature Twisted Seam Chinos - 18-24 months - £14.00
F&F 5 Pair Pack of Plain Socks - £3.00
F&F Polar Bear Pyjamas - £5.00

Total £46.00.

As soon as I started browsing, I saw the shirt and fell in love. It went straight into the basket. I also added the gorgeous contrasting chinos and then decided on the knitted vest to add some extra warmth, as December is obviously chilly.

We added some matching socks and decided on using William's existing Clarks boots, as he has diddy feet and we couldn't find anything in his size.

We layered the outfit over one of William's white vests (also from F&F and bought in the summer) and he just looked adorable.

The quality of these clothes is absolutely fantastic. They are well lined and hemmed and I especially loved the unique print on the shirt and how the neck wasn't too tight for a shirt. The attached bow-tie was beyond adorable and William kept looking down and smiling at it.

He looked, as per usual, a bit goofy but very cute! I love how dapper he looked and I can't wait to show him off in this outfit over the festive period.

William and I had a lot of fun doing this little photoshoot - in fact, we turned into a bit of a party. We popped some music on. We had a dance. We lit the fairy lights. And we threw in a few tummy tickles too!

But, as with most festive parties, William ended up a little worse for wear after all that fun.

And before the parenting police go up in arms - this was an empty, rinsed bottle of Daddy's beer. Mummy loves any excuse for a good prop!

It was a good job Mummy had thought to get some soft pyjamas - always a must for the changing bag at any party that might run on later than usual. And with that, a sleepy William went down for a nap...

Now it's just left for F&F to decide the winner of the competition... What do you think? I think he looks pretty cute! Don't you?


  1. Oh my, he looks so adorable! The outfit really suits him and he really knows how to model doesn't he? ;-) xx

  2. We've got those pjs for N for his Christmas pjs.

  3. He looks so cute, I love his cheeky smile in the very first photo! Good luck lovely :)

    Jess xo

  4. My goodness he's gorgeous! I might be biased, but little Wilbo should totally win…take note Tesco. A perfect outfit choice. xx

  5. Word cannot even describe just how ADORABLE you boy is!! I just want to give him a wee cuddle he is so damn cute!!! Xo

  6. Hahaha he is just gorgeous! I adore his little bow tie! We have been kindly sent some clothes to do as well, but my girls are under the weather and poorly this weekend so we will try again another day I think. x

  7. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work ♡

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  8. Such a handsome little man. This outfit is perfect for him.

  9. How cute, what a fab photo shoot, I wish my children would let me take them. I love a patterned shirt nothing better xx


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