11 November 2013

What I Thrifted #3 - An eBay Haul

I've come to realise that I am quite accomplished at buying things for much less than they would normally be. And I'm really enjoying this hobby of mine. 

I love to shop, I'm one of those people who gets a nice little rush when I come home with a pile of shopping bags, or I find a pile of parcels at my front door. I'm a marketing dream and yet I'm not. I will scour the internet for the best price possible and it takes a lot for me to part with my hard-earned pennies, especially once I've decided whether or not I can recreate the item for myself. 

I've a few tricks up my sleeve, when it comes to eBay, and I'll be sharing them all in a special post as part of a project I'm working on, very soon. But for now, here are two things I thrifted from the online barrel of unwanted things. And they are for William. 

I had an abacus as a child, which I used to love playing with. My mum has it at her house for William, even now, and it's done the rounds with my cousins too. I've always wanted one for William to play with at home - but my old one has so much charm that I've never really found one I liked.

But I stumbled across this a few weeks back and I suddenly had my game-face on. With minutes, I'd won William a giant abacus, for just £7.00.

I travelled to pick it up with my dad this weekend and William has loved knocking the beads from side-to-side and he's been counting with me too. Educational, gorgeous and fun.

This rocking horse was also collected at the weekend, after I won a bidding war at the very last second and managed to take this beautiful wooden fellow home for just £10.99. He's quite old and well-used, but he's perfect as he is. He'll be getting a good wipe down at the weekend as I suspect the poor, old thing has been languishing in a cellar for quite some time.

Needless to say, William loves them both and It's possibly the best £17.99 I've ever spent - and they will be treasured toys for years to come. I certainly won't be parting with them in my lifetime.


  1. I love the giant abacus. I had one when I was young and have always loved the idea of M having one too. I need to get on eBay.

  2. These are gorgeous finds, I have never seen a large abacus but I would love one for the babies xx

  3. I love that rocking horse, it reminds me of my own childhood. Good finds! x

  4. Love that rocking horse Charlotte! Such a great find xx

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  6. These are both amazing, what fantastic finds :)

  7. How lovely! And to think, you'd have probably had paid at least double in the shops for these pieces! Xo


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