Garnier Perfect Blur Primer Review - Porefessional Dupe?

I'm actually really excited about this post, because it's not often you come across a dupe for a brilliant product at a fraction of the cost, but in this case, I feel like I very much have! On our child-free Saturday, I nipped into Boots to get some more cotton wool pads and I noticed that the tiny Poynton branch had a sample tube of the Garnier Perfect Blur Primer to try. I love anything beauty-related, so I was there, swatching away, while Stephen looked on bemused. As soon as I squirted a small blob onto my hand I knew I'd found something special. So I grabbed a packet and rushed to the till and home to investigate further.

Why? Because it reminded me so much of The Porefessional by Benefit.

I bought my tube of Porefessional from a blog sale a month ago, which is a good job because, at a hefty cost of £24.50 for 22ml, I won't be replacing it at full-price in a hurry. I think I paid less than half for an almost-full tube.

It is, hands down, the best primer I've used and it converted me into using a primer, because I'd never been that impressed until I watched Porefessional fill in the pores on my nose and even out my skin.

It makes any foundation or base application a dream and I feel like it prolongs the wear too.

But still - £24.50?

Garnier's offering is a reasonable £12.99 for 30ml, which is much more like it. You get a third more product for almost half the cost. But what's the verdict?

I definitely prefer Garnier's cleaner applicator - the tapered nozzle means you are less likely to smear product everywhere and the packaging will hold up against packed makeup bags, something that Porefessional doesn't do that well.

Porefessional is a tan colour, which blends into the skin, so isn't a worry at all. The Perfect Blur is a white shade, which also blends easily.

In terms of texture, you can see here that Porefessional is slightly smoother and more paste-like, but both have that smoothing effect and feel, at least for me, identical on the skin. I can barely tell the difference and my pores are visbly reduced.

Porefessional does have a smell, which I quite like, but Perfect Blur seems to be fragrance-free, which is good news for sensitive skins. Perfect Blur is also marketed to be a primer for older skin, which fills in lines and wrinkles, as well as pores, which I can vouch for as I tested on the grooves in my hands as well as around my eyes, which are slowly starting to age with lack of sleep!

Overall, I would definitely repurchase both of these again, but I think, for me, I'm a Perfect Blur gal. Why spend twice the money, when you could buy a bottle of wine and a nail varnish with the difference? If you've been tempted by The Porefessional, but you are put off by the price, I'd definitely give this a go.

You can buy Perfect Blur and The Porefessional from Boots. Let me know if you've tried it! 


  1. I have been wondering what the hell the Perfect Blur product actually was! I've only ever tried sample sizes of porefeasional, and I thought it was ok but not enough to part with £25 for! Will need to add Perfect Blur to the list! Xo

    1. I would definitely try it. It's brilliant. I was actually blown over! Which, for me, is saying something! xx

  2. I was looking at these primers the other day - think I'll be parting with some cash now! (I'll obviously have to buy a bottle of wine and nail varnish on the way home though...!)x

  3. I saw this advertised on T.V and thought hmmmm I wonder if actually does what it says. I feel I'm at the age where I need to start investing in things like this but don't want to waste my money. I think I'll definitely be investing in some of this come next pay day. P.S I've been following your blog via Bloglovin for ages I really enjoy it although I don't comment often due to lack of time. Us working mums are busy ladies. x

  4. I have stupid oily skin so am really hesitant to try anything but porefessional for fear of making it worse...but at half the price I'm certainly willing to give it a try!!

  5. Oo! I can't wait for this to come to Canada!! I haven't even heard of it here yet. I shall investigate further! Very excited! I've wanted to buy Porefessional for a while now but like you pointed out it's very costly.

    Bitten Glam

  6. I can see myself making another purchase thanks to you... :-) xx

  7. I have been looking for a good dupe, I've nearly finished my mini one & I just can't spend nearly £25 on a primer. I will definitely be trying this out after my spending ban (: xx

  8. Just bought perfect blur today can't wait to try it hope it works I paid 9 pounds at asda even cheaper .

  9. I've been looking for a dupe for Porefessional, think I'll have to give this a try! x

  10. Ugh Thank you heaps for this post! I tested the Porefessional a while ago and loved its effect on my not-so-tiny pores. I don't have the budget to God Knows how much I'll find it where I live, that is if I did first place. So will definitely try Garnier's one :)


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