16 February 2013

Home Corners - Botanical Bedroom Inspiration

We're in the process of sorting out of first room of the house now and I'm looking for inspiration as always. As our house is a dormer bungalow (converted bungalow with attic space made into bedrooms and bathroom) we have a lot of downstairs space as some of the rooms used to be bedrooms. We'd actually like to keep one of them as a bedroom - the guest room in fact - as it has its own toilet and I love the idea that, when guests come to stay, they have their own little section of the house and they can potter in and out as they please.

This room is by no means huge (I'll do a before and after at a later stage if you'd like to see) but with a nice big window with a lovely view into the garden, I'd like to make it feel larger by bringing the outside in. So I've picked a botanical theme. I want a wooden (probably laminate - cheaper!) floor, to keep things natural, with a nice fluffy rug for warmth (this one is from Matalan) and neutral, maybe even white (shock horror) walls. I'm thinking greens, fawns, browns, but we pops of natural berry colours and lots of bright whites to keep everything fresh and airy.

The prints, from eBay (just search for "illustrated flowers" or "flower drawings") I will hang in wooden frames above the bed.

The cushions, all from Matalan again (love that place for home bits - as well as Dunelm Mill), will be placed on plain white bedding for a pop of colour (how stylish of me to use that phrase). I want to put fresh daffodils (then probably fake ones as winter returns) in this IKEA watering can and place it on the windowsill to tie in the outside even more. And these card boxes will go on the floor in the corner, perhaps with an old bear resting against them. The driftwood heart wreath and apple and pear will decorate the walls; the fruit shapes on a simple shelf, maybe with some old botanical books that I'll (hopefully!) find in a charity shop!

What do you think? One thing is for certain, it's going to be AGES until I get to this stage. And I will really need to keep the garden looking lovely too!


  1. Ooh this sounds lovely, we're in the process of doing our house up at the minute as well - currently focused on the nursery which we have nearly everything ready for! Although we need to get started on our bedroom as he'll be in with us at first and we don't even have skirting boards.... so much to do, so little time! x

  2. That sounds like a good plan! The theme really suits a guest room - I can picture it in my head! I love those wee apple and pear wood cuts, they are lovely! :) xo

  3. This is such a wonderful blog! So many lovely articles.

    It's nice to find a blog where the posts are about the writing and not who has the most expensive dslr camera haha.

    Hope you are well, take care :) xxx


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