28 March 2012

Today is a special day...

Why, you ask?

Because today marks my two-year anniversary with my wonderful, gorgeous, amazing DOG!
"BORN FREEEEEE! As free as the wind blows!"

Cuddles with mum.

Max and Mr Duck.

Handsome boy.

My bed.
Helps! Bath time!

Yep, two years ago exactly to this day, we wandered down to Cheshire Dogs' Home and selected the best dog in the whole, wide world.

He may not be the cleverest, or the fastest, or the slimmest, or the cutest dog in the world, but he is my best friend and confidant in all things food-related.

I've spent many a day in the sun with him. Many a walk in the park. Many an evening in front of the TV, watching mindless rubbish, while he stares at me, probably thinking I am mindless rubbish.

He's licked away my tears. He's made me laugh. He's thrown toys in my face. He's stole my spot on the sofa.

Max on his first day at home.

As we know him today.
He has made mistakes. Been a bit a naughty. And learnt a few lessons along the way. But when I think of the small, shy pup, who sat sadly in his bed for the first week at his new home, and compare him with the bubbly, happy-go-lucky, frankly insane animals that walks the floor in my house, it makes me smile.

Maxtroll, Moomin, Moomintroll, Fatty, Mr Woofy, Bandy Legs, Maxine St Clair, Maximus, Milbemax (after his worming tablets...oddly), Woofeifer, Feifer, or just plain Max.

I love you so much. Thank you for being this wo-man's best friend.


  1. Nawww! What a lovely post :-) He seriously the cutest, most well loved little doggie! Happy anniversary! xo

  2. Oh he's ridiculously cute!! He looks very happy and loved too, I really love these kinds of dogs He's gorgeous :-) xxx


  4. Thank you all! I'll let him know! I can't wait to get home and cuddle him and take him for a big walk. He's just lovely. :') xxx

  5. Ahhhh I bet that's gone fast! He's lovely, proper little cutie! I wonder if he'll get jelous when the bubba comes along? Make sure you divide the attention equally! haha xxx

  6. Aww,happy anniversary to you and Max! I have two Jack Russells too and I can't imagine my life without them. I love the fact that you've given him such a lovely home. xx

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