06 March 2012

Pregnancy Update: Baby Haul

As buying things for myself seems a bit silly these days (I don't want an excuse to buy bigger clothes as I'm hoping to trim up again after my little monkey makes his arrival) I've been obsessed with getting everything I can think of for bubs.

I know there will be bits I'll miss out and I'll have to get Ste to rush out and buy while I'm holding a screaming baby, covered in puke, with breast milk spraying everywhere (I exaggerate, really hope it doesn't spray...), but I've tried my best to plan ahead and get things sorted so that my little man will want for nothing. Even if his mummy is wearing last year's manky flip flops all summer.

Yesterday, because online shopping is every pregnant woman's saviour (actual shopping is a painful and tiring task that makes you hate all living beings) and because online is usually cheaper, my office at work resembled a small branch of Mothercare. There were parcels everywhere and I was opening them with glee.

This is what was inside...

I could have squealed when this arrived. I ordered the Mothercare Precious Bear Moses Basket at the end of January, as it was in the sale and I loved it. The only problem is, it went out of stock before they could update the website. Luckily, I managed to get this at the sale price and have it delivered when stock was available. Looking at this has made everything very real as this will be my little boy's first bed and that is just amazing. As you can see, Max much prefers my bed than this. Which is a good thing - this is not a deluxe doggy bed young pup!

This is our monitor. I hadn't realised, but buying a monitor is much like buying a new TV, but ten times more important. The only monitors I have witnessed were the first of their kind and basically glorified walkie-talkies. But now, they come with video (surely if I wanted to stare at my baby I would just go and look in his cot?), sensor mats and goodness knows what else. I'm sure some will even breastfeed the baby for you if you pay enough moolah. But if you are looking to pay that much, you may as well just pay a person to stare at your baby for 24/7, and that's just creepy.

In the end we decided to go for the BT Digital Baby Monitor & Pacifier, which is currently in the sale from Amazon. It's a monitor with a two-way system so you can talk to your baby if they are just unsettled from the comfort of your sofa. It also has a nightlight that changes colour with the room's temperature (great for nightime feeds and overheating, which is the biggest cause of cot death). And, if you want to get your little one educated in all things music - from Beethoven to Jay-Z - it comes with an MP3 connection, a range of melodies and a night show to help baby nod off.

It's better than my bloody TV if you ask me.

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Gym is possibly one of the cutest things I have ever seen. When I got home from work last night, I assembled it in our bedroom and proceeded to have a play myself. I actually lay down underneath and batted things until I realised that it was possible the strangest thing I have ever done. Needless to say, this little wonder mat comes highly recommended and, with music and flashing lights, I kind of feel sorry for myself as a baby for not having one. I'm looking forward to plonking him down and watching him learn and play. Maybe that way it will be more suitable for me to just casually join in?

We had so much fun with this little guy last night! The Fisher-Price Sooth and Glow Seahorse is some sort of cult product in the Parenting World. He seems to possess some sort of mystical power that sends babies to sleep. I'm obviously not sure if this is the case, but we loved pressing his rotund, little tum and watching it glow and play music. We even played it to the dog who just stared, mesmerised. May steal him temporarily if my pregnancy - I-need-a-wee-every-five-minutes - insomnia doesn't relent.

Aside from these items, I also have a bottle drying rack, breast milk containers (ooo-er) and a Buggy Buddy, which is a clip that holds your shopping on your pram of choice. None of these are remotely interesting are they though? And I'm not sure I'd ever show a breast milk-related contraption. Just for your sanity.


  1. Everything looks so cute! I bet you had great fun ordering this lot xx

  2. Aw! So cute! Ive just bought the seahorse thingy in pink, its so sweet. Im so excited for you to have your baby now! It's nothing like what you could ever imagine! xx

  3. The Moses basket looks so sweet & cosy! And don't worry - both Gary and I played on Aidens mat before he got a turn. It's quite possible I find it more entertaining than him!
    A buggy buddy you say? I have not heard of such an invention - NEED to invest in this! Did you get it in mothercare? Xo

  4. Thank you lovelies for your comments! :)

    Sian - it was amazing. I had so much fun and went a bit mad, but it was worth saving up for! :) Xxx

    Emma - Still can't believe little Alice is here! Beautiful girl! I want him to come too. I can't believe it's around 11 weeks now. I can't wait to meet him. :) Xxx

    EilidhPie - The Moses basket is delightful. I sort of wish I had a giant adult one. And the mat! OH THE MAT! I love it. Best fun ever!

    A buggy buddy is ace! I got mine from Amazon - - there are variations on it but a few people have recommended them! :) xxx


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