07 February 2012

Karl Lagerfeld thinks Adele is "too fat"

While I love Chanel and I love fashion, the thought of its 78 year-old Creative Director, voicing his opinion on the size of a bloody admirable woman makes me run for the hills...and Primark.

While catwalk fashion is limited to those with enviable figures and legs like giraffes, fashion in the real world is down to the individual. I'd probably make a Chanel creation look like a New Look knock-off, but the best rule you can ever learn in fashion is to dress to your body, not what fashion dictates.

Take skinny jeans - never has been and never will be a good look for old porky legs over here. Neither will hareem pants - unless waddling around like a baby with a full nappy is ever going to be in fashion for a girl like me.

Karl Lagerfeld, when interviewed by Metro Paris over the weekened, referred to Adele as "too fat." He slightly redeemed himself by following up with "...but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice."

Now, correct me if I'm wrong but Adele isn't storming through the catwalks and demanding she be dressed head-to-toe in the latest that Chanel spews out of its fashion womb. She's a brilliant singer and an even better role model. She knows what a kebab is and is enjoying a huge success. I'm not sure that her size should offend the fashionistas of this world. There's a lot more to life than LBDs and quilted handbags, even though we can be blinkered by fashion at the time.

Adele is actually closer to the normal female size, in the UK, than most of the women Karl spends his time with, but still, according to him, it's okay to publically out her as a porker - despite the fact that size is completely irrelevant when it comes to music.

Whatever your opinion on what is too fat or too thin, it's not really down to you when another individual is concerned.

Can you imagine what Pavarotti would have said if Mr Lagerfeld felt him a little "too fat"? To be honest, I doubt he would have cared, but that's blokes for you.

I will put my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua on in scorn tomorrow and hope it doesn't mind decorating this size 16's face, lacking in highly defined cheekbones.


  1. You are absolutely spot on with this post. These types of ignorant comments on other people's weight and appearance have more effect than people imagine. It just irritates me so much!

  2. I totally agree with everything you've just said!

  3. Karl Lagerfeld used to be pretty 'fat' himself before he decided that a diet of diet coke was the way forward. Talent does not come in sizes!

  4. I saw a documentary about Karl and he used to be a porker, put himself on this awful diet and managed to fit in a pair of size 0 leggings (I think) I think he's horrible! I wouldn't take any notice of him, I love Adele and that fact she's a real woman xx

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