22 July 2011

My week in pictures...

My baby!

Ready for take off!

Have been told this is my "filthy wench" photo.

My yard in the sunlight and the garden beyond.


First ever photo shot - confused much?

No photographs please.

Max's morning face.

Gorgeous boy.

Our "album photo" shot. If we were in a band that is.

Love him.

The local. It's like...proper old school. I get drunk here sometimes.

I made Domino's look vintage. Skill.

Street cred.


These paws are made for walking. God! Look at all that chewing gum Urgh.

Homemade Steak & Ale Pie.

You talkin' to me?


Where the magic happens...I love reading.

Sunshine after the rain.

Little promo for you.

I love seeing other people's photo posts. So here's one of my own! If you like, I'll do a few more. All taken with my iPhone4, which I got last week and is surgically attached to my hand.


  1. Yes please, do post more often photos like these! I like to sneak into other people's business & life, in a good way of course (if there is such a thing :D). Love your pooch, he's adorable! xx

  2. "Where the magic happens... I love reading" - omg this cracked me up! I love reading too :) I love week in photos posts too. I do a Monday Montage kind but I am so bad at remembering to take photos for it! x

  3. Hello ladies! I have only just seen these comments. I have Camera+ open on my iPhone literally ALL THE TIME. I love taking pictures of things. Though I'm not sure people are really interested in a picture of what I had for lunch or a fly or something! I love your blogs by the way ladies. Have been snooping! xxx

  4. aren't all girls nosey ;-) ?
    love the photographs, especially the last one!


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